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  1. tail gate bolt hell

    until about 5 yrs ago I never owned one. Now I don't know how I lived without one for so long. Fairly inexpensive and so versatile it is really dumb not to have on in the arsenal..
  2. Rear window on Lariat only?

    My Lariat has it is useless.....
  3. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Döner's are the best.....
  4. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Currently I am at HQ Army in Sembach, the old Air Base. I too was in Bavaria about 10 yrs ago in Garmisch...what a killer assignment. 10 times better than up here in the Kaiserslautern area. Thankfully it's only a 4 hour trip to there so I can visit my old Bavarian friends and drink high...
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Installed the 589 Fab Hidden Winch mount with a SuperWinch SX10000SR winch and a Factor 55 Flatlink Expert. Pretty straightforward install and it all fits nicely tucked behind the front lower valance. The winch is nice, has plenty of power, is clock-able and you have a switchable LED drum light...
  6. Talk Ranger to me

    My 10 cents... The Ranger is about the same size as my 2004 F150, except for the bed. It rides better, is updated and definitely capable. We have a 2019 Lariat 4x4 with a 3” level, Eibach rear shocks and run 32.7” tires and still get almost 21mpg on the autobahn/highway running 93 octane gas. We...
  7. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    My SuperWinch SX10000 SR came today. One nice winch, have my 589Fab mount set up on my bench, winch has been clocked and ready to get started. Hopefully this weekend or maybe next I can get it installed.
  8. Looking for pics of Lariats with 2inch lift and 18 stock rims (looking to purchase)

    not a factory wheel Lariat had 18" +55 offset Wheels that I replaced with American Racing 18" +30 Offset in chrome. Running a 3" Spacer up front with Eibach Pro Truck rears. Rides like a dream at 36psi in 285/60r18 BFG KO's
  9. Ford News EV Bronco and Ranger

    Both a mess, both probably produce horrific chemicals..... both needed to produce cars.... well maybe....the current leadership will certainly sell out to foreign materials
  10. Ford News EV Bronco and Ranger

    Ever see a lithium mine? Disappointing... Not to mention big Diesel engines run the equipment required
  11. Towing with a lift

    What would you estimate that rear drop was on your OME lift? If I remember correctly those UHaul trailers are heavy, maybe 2K, Datsun maybe the same?
  12. Ford licensed TBC Install Instructions

    that is a install great price...I am now curious to what is their list price? I would definitely ask and make sure they are not splicing in at the fuse panel. It took me about 3 hours pulling panels carefully with trim tools in order to not break any clips.
  13. I’m stupid

  14. I’m stupid

    That motor is NOT going to fit in that mower......
  15. Best Beer Bottle Opener

    Good on you...I agree when hobbies become chores they are fun no more.....but either way if you ever decide to sell the Beverage Access Tool please let me know, I would be proud to have one...they are very nice!
  16. Best Beer Bottle Opener

    The question is.... Do you sell them? That’s a nice beverage access tool....
  17. How to clean your engine, to a show room shine, in 10 minutes... Engineers will scream!! LMAO 😜

    Once while on a surf trip I forgot one bean burrito double wrapped in foil on my intake. It's how we used to heat those nasty El Patio frozen burritos, double wrap in foil, put them on the intake and drive for an and ready. Well I forgot one and found out a week later that it blew hot...
  18. What is this metal hose for?

    You sure somebody didn't have a roller cover on the bed and thought that upgrading the drain tube to that crappy braided hose was a good mod? Are you certain it's actually connected to anything on the underneath? I hope that is all it is.....