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  1. Softopper rail integrated into aluminum bed rack

    Yes, good point. Just remove the Topper in a different way. I would probably go with the 18" high rack.
  2. Softopper rail integrated into aluminum bed rack

    Will the Softopper fold down with the rack. I see the topper for the new Ranger is 16 1/2" high. I am interested in this rack. (1) XTR1 Bed Rack for Ford Ranger – Xtrusion Overland ( I am wondering why the rack for the Topper is 21" high. Does the Topper need this much...
  3. Suspension Tuning

    I like big words. My father always used them. What's engrandizing it does not come up on a word search. . Aggrandizing ?
  4. Suspension Tuning

    Superdannyboy. Thanks for the insight on your studies. Your doing the right thing keep plugging away and it will all pay off. I am a Machinist. The field has done me well. Hmm, CMM, Metrology. Cool on some machines that you can write a program like CNC. Hey, when you get all educated try to...
  5. Suspension Tuning

    Its a lot harder to adjust in compliance for a leaf spring over a coil spring. I am sure Deaver makes a more to spec leaf then other company's. Maybe the leaf has to be altered. Give all the information you can to the Suspension Specialist. Write down what you think you are trying to achieve...
  6. Suspension Tuning

    What this person was trying to achieve was to alter the shim stacks, maybe adjust the oil viscosity and oil height. I am no suspension specialist, but have taken a part motorcycle suspension and altered oil heights, installed Race Tech Emulators to achieve a more compliant suspension. I made a...
  7. Looking at buying a Tremor. Advice/opinions/suggestions?

    This gives some opinions. Tremor vs. FX4 build | 2019+ Ford Ranger and Raptor Forum (5th Generation) -
  8. Ranger Production Status?

    Yeah, that was one of the big issues, the Automotive companies cancelling their chip orders. Then other companies took advantage of the available production schedule. I see Chevy has removed the start stop option on some vehicles to get partially around the chip shortage. The Bronco and the 5G...
  9. No Sunroof on 2022?

    Yes it was offered on the Tundra.
  10. No Sunroof on 2022?

    A full powered back window would be cool. There has to be a reason why I have never seen it offered on a truck. Yes, sunroofs take up valuable headroom space for the vertically challenged.
  11. Found a bunch of cool murals/grafitti art.

    Will have to get my 4G Ranger in the area. This is one of my favorites.
  12. Found a bunch of cool murals/grafitti art.

    Here's some of the Murals in the Vancouver BC Canada area. Hopefully the festival will run August Mural Gallery — Vancouver Mural Festival (VMF) (
  13. Found a bunch of cool murals/grafitti art.

    Corey, do they have a yearly mural festival crawl in that area. I try to go to the one in my area to see if there are new acquisitions every so often.
  14. Anyone check out the Bronco yet?

    Production of the 2021 Ford Bronco Has Finally Begun (
  15. Ranger Production Status?

    The Wayne plant is open for production. From what I have read the Global Chip shortage is easing. I am curious if all the F 150's put into storage waiting for chips have been fully assembled. Production of the 2021 Ford Bronco Has Finally Begun (
  16. Dropped in K&N air filter today

    If you run the K&N filter its good to buy two. You have to let the filter air dry before putting it back in.
  17. SuperCab Love

    I thought this was a good quick setup to make the rear floor useable in the Scab. Platform (1) DIY Scab Rear Seat Delete/Dog Backseat Addition | 2019+ Ford Ranger and Raptor Forum (5th Generation) -
  18. tail gate bolt hell

    Yes, you can see the red loctite on them. That , I am presuming metric flat socket head cap screw may be standard. Should be able to find at fastner place. Make sure you red loctite them back in. Clean threads with alcohol or brake clean before assembly.
  19. Ranger Production Status?

    Smart ! locking in a good price, sounds like the prices will keep climbing. We will have to see if there are any discounts on old stock when the new Ranger arrives. Ford is offering a $1000 rebate for late build dates. The Ranger is built along with the Bronco at the Wayne Michigan Plant. Ford...
  20. Decked w/ Topper

    I meant two large Drawers. Another good point about better utilization of space. I did not know the drawers sides were not vertical