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  1. Line X Under Carriage

    I've had that happen on my other cars. Its pretty standard when the cities use panic quantities of salt on the roads. Clean thoroughly with brake cleaner then apply "Rust converting primer". Followup with Spray on bedliner or undercoat spray.
  2. Borne Off-Road Snorkel R&D Thread

    Wow. Its hard to complain about them wanting to give accurate numbers. Actually its quite easy but you sound really stupid like: "Please feed us wildly inaccurate performance numbers that lack any meaningful context." I'm curious about the snorkel but I'm willing to wait for accurate...
  3. Ignition coil failed

    Got the truck back today. Service sheet reads Coil replacement and sparkplug replacement. Seems like they also did an ECU reset so now it runs-like-I-stole-it (very aggressive throttle response). I assume that will level out as the ECU does some relearning.
  4. Ignition coil failed

    2 Days ago the my 2019 XLT FX4 threw a CEL and started bucking under ANY attempt at acceleration. I made an appointment and dropped it off at the service dept this morning and 4 hours later they tell me one of my coil packs failed. Has anyone heard of this happening on their Ranger? Coil packs...
  5. Ford and Costco special edition Ranger

    I’ll keep my engine thank you. The “special edition “ only has a 167hp diesel
  6. Sure is lonely up here eh?

    I definitely have a compass heading on the small screen inbetween the Tac and Speedo on my XLT. I'm looking at a picture from a month or 2 ago and I distinctly see a South-East heading being displayed just to the left of the temperature.
  7. Our Rear Leaf Springs Suck?

    The Tremor leaf springs would be an upgrade I’d definitely be interested in.
  8. Our Rear Leaf Springs Suck?

    Someone mentioned adding a helper spring. Are you thinking of an airbag-helper spring or a leaf-helper spring?
  9. Removed the 1" restrictor in the OEM muffler

    I could swear that in addition to the 1" restrictor there is also some kind of a spring loaded flap or valve inside the OEM muffler. A little search tells me that it was @Duke that posted that he cut open the stock muffler and found it there.
  10. Smart Data Link Module Adapter - What is it?

    I read this thread with great interest. Any further word from the dealer? Like the other comments, I too feel like this is super sketchy.
  11. Mishimoto R&D: Ranger 2.3L Performance Air Intake

    Any idea what sized prefilter will fit the Mishimoto High-Flow Air Filter #4578 that comes with the intake?
  12. RAT Stat 170* thermostat

    If your concern is additional heat from high HP, I would strongly suggest a radiator upgrade instead of a colder thermostat. A colder thermostat opens coolant flow sooner but does not do anything to change your overall cooling capacity.
  13. Factory air box insulation blanket

    Very nice. Its reasonably simple., effective and quantifiable. Excellent work.
  14. Tremor rear tow hooks

    Based on the video it looks like the Tremor Rear Tow Hooks are mounted here: I'm assuming this means it should be a part that we can order as soon as we have part numbers.
  15. Turbo blanket for the ranger

    The tradeoff is installation. Its a PITA. If things are especially tight there may be a blood sacrifice. The other stuff you mentioned is nonsense. The "extra" heat is vented from the turbo as expanding gasses exiting the tailpipe.
  16. Mishimoto R&D: 2019+ Ranger Performance Intercooler

    Reasons for a higher capacity radiator: Hot weather operation High elevation operation Operation in Hot weather @ high elevation Sustained high rpm operation Towing High HP. More air and more fuel make more power and absolutely produces more heat
  17. Mishimoto R&D: 2019+ Ranger Performance Intercooler

    The Radiator is already for sale on The Mishimoto website. It has been for quite some time. We're all just waiting on the Intercooler
  18. Turbo blanket for the ranger

    My 2 cents. A turbo blanket is really a PITA to install. It was a massive pain installing on my WRX and rest assured it will be super annoying to install on my Ranger. But in HOT weather it was a game changer when doing errands, commuting or getting stuck in traffic. I was thankful for it...
  19. Borne Off-Road Snorkel R&D Thread

    So lets assume that Ford didnt really care about the terrible alternator location or at worst they intentionally designed it to fail in any kind of watercrossing where it isnt lifted something absurd, like 18 inches over stock. The next step would have to be a sealed alternator assembly of some...
  20. Shrockworks Stock Bumper Winch Mount

    @rngrzone , Is there a dealer in Canada you purchased yours through OR did you get it direct from the US?