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  1. Tremor ride and handling and Payload vs FX4

    Found tremor to be a far superior riding and handling vehicle than any other Ranger. Corrected all the complaints I've read about the fx4s ride. Glad you all are happy, but im happy that I went with a Tremor.
  2. If Buying Today, Would You Still Buy the Ranger?

    My Tacoma trd pro was the worst truck I've ever owned. Seat position was awful and it's engine transmission combo couldn't handle towing or hills to save its life ( constant harsh down shifting). Was shocked how much I hated it. And Toyota is known for quality and I've had some that lasted, but...
  3. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Gatorbacks installed and went on easily and they fit fine in spite of the flare difference on a Tremor. Very heavy duty rubber and metal mudflaps with a significant metal framework that comes with it for them to bolt into. Made to last and hold up and very well thought out. They make the...
  4. Mpg on my new tremor

    19+ mpg town regularly and just got over 24mpg with the wind and 23 mph against the wind on my first hwy trip with cruise set at 76 mph. Only have 1300 miles on it so not even broken in yet. This is with a Ford tune. The extra torque and low rpm really makes it eat up the hills! Was very...
  5. Tremor Mud Flaps

    My gatorbacks showed up yesterday. Will be installing this week and will post pics as soon as I have.
  6. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    That is why I did the same thing. Ford tune installed by dealer. Only charged an hrs labor, so worth it to me.
  7. Ford Performance Tune - Update

    Loving the Ford tune on my 2021 Tremor

    Adding gatorback mudflaps. Once installed I'll put up pics.
  9. Tremor tire pressure

    I'm happy with mine at 39 cold psi.
  10. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Several options and places to buy. Different plates or without. I bought the Ford accessory set from Levittown Ford because I could get the ranger logo on them at the best price. Preferred the gunmetal plate to Ford's black, but I thought best look for the price as the gun metal were crazy...
  11. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Just heard back from truck hardware who makes gatorback mudflaps. They have had a couple of Canadian dealers get tremors and install their mudflaps now. They have confirmed that they worked on a tremor so I ordered a set today. Expensive, but way better quality than a lot of the other flaps...
  12. Tremor Mud Flaps

    They dont
  13. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Its why I didn't install the set I ordered. Poor fit but even poorer quality. My install guy said they are some of the worst quality he has seen especially for the $ and was afraid that they might tear the fenders if put under much strain. They and their push pins and set up kit seemed very...
  14. Tremor Mud Flaps

    Gatorback is looking into making a set for Tremors also, but have not been able to get access to one yet.
  15. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Comes with the wiring harness and plugs to connect directly to the side marker lights. So they are plug and play. With some custom wire rigging you could always hook it up to one of your auxiliary switches if you so chose. I'm okay with it coming on when the side markers come on and didn't want...
  16. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Added The custom auto works 4 light bar on my Tremor grill. Easy install!
  17. Stumble When Light Throttle, Heavy Engine Load

    I have the same even with the ford performance tune. Give it gas it goes away, but ease into a hill the same happens to me.
  18. Bed Cover Options

    Sentry has had the heat problem but the ct should improve that. X4 has always had the cold weather issue. So neither perfect, but still the best in the segment and both great tops.
  19. Bed Cover Options

    I've always had x4s but in the winter the rubber parts that snap into the rails always got stiff and very difficult to snap in place. My biggest complaint with that top so I'm trying the truxedo sentry ct this time. I feel like the x4 was heavier duty so far, but like how the sentry ct fits in...