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  1. Why Is The Mileage So Bad On The Tremor?

    As far as the actual EPA label goes, the base Ranger is a "2-Cycle" EPA label - tested on the traditional EPA City (FTP) and Highway drive cycles, which are not very stressful on a vehicle. The Ranger Tremor was...
  2. Third Brake Light for Softopper

    Haha it's been long enough now that I'll have to go and look to remember what I did! :LOL: I'm pretty sure I just grounded to chassis. There should be a bolt somewhere behind the taillight I used. I'll pop the tail light out this evening and confirm.
  3. Chip shortage forces Ford, Toyota, Nissan, FCA to cut vehicle production

    I live/work in metro-Detroit. I'm about 2 miles from Ford's Rawsonville parts plant. They filled the entire plant parking lot with F150s about a week ago (I'd guess ~1500 trucks). Saw some people out working on the vehicles yesterday, so hopefully that's a sign some of them will slowly start...
  4. Chip shortage forces Ford, Toyota, Nissan, FCA to cut vehicle production

    My wife restocked us today, we are good! Nobody panic!! 😂 😂
  5. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Michigan side of Lake Erie...the picture does have a mild edit to help with the washed out sky (so the water color hasn't been altered), but when the water isn't muddy (which it is a lot during the spring with rain and run-off) it does have a pretty blueish-green tint to it, although it's never...
  6. The PIC whore club! Come on in!

    Tis the season, finally :thumbsup:
  7. Ranger towing boat

    My boat is probably 4,000lbs with a full tank of fuel. Ranger handles it quite well and I have no issues or concerns for relatively local towing. Not sure I'd want to pull this across the country, but no doubt the Ranger is capable of it if I needed it to.
  8. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    Okay, so I have a box together, dimensions are 54x25x9 inches. Weighs about 30lbs. Length and width are as small as I can get without cutting tubes or creasing the top, which obviously defeats the point Weights about 30lbs. Alan, I'll send you a PM with shipping quote.
  9. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    Let me see if i can put a box together to get some dimensions. I'll let you know!
  10. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    I would say it's right on par with a soft tonneau cover. It's surprisingly resistant to water intrusion, but obviously isn't perfectly sealed. It's been through some pretty serious rain and snow and haven't had an issue with water or snow getting in or getting anything wet. Really the only time...
  11. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    Bump. Still Available, make an offer!
  12. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    Skipped work yesterday and chased some walleye around Lake Erie for a few hours. The Ranger had to drag my other Ranger out of the garage and out to the lake.
  13. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    I honestly can't say that I noticed any increase in wind noise with topper installed. It seems to tuck in behind the cab well enough to not really catch a lot of air.
  14. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    We had some nice weather the last few days so finally got the winter scum off the truck.
  15. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    Oh yeah definitely. It weighs maybe 20lbs all together with the canvas and the frame. When it's folded, it's just 2 pins you have to remove and the whole thing lifts out. Pretty easy to do by yourself. That being said, it is pretty rigid and sturdy when it's assembled on the truck. Handles...
  16. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    The pic with the tree in the bed is about the best I have (already pulled the topper off). Softoppers website has some decent pics too.
  17. Michigan WTS - Tan SofTopper for 5.5ft Bed

    EDIT: Price drop to $600 OBO and can arrange shipping if desired. Located outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. Would be willing to meet within a reasonable distance to avoid shipping. Have had it for about a year and has been awesome. No rips or tears and is pretty much "like-new". The rear window...
  18. Third Brake Light for Softopper

    No issues yet. It's pretty well protected behind the taillight and seems to be holding up pretty well.
  19. 30,000 Mile Maintenance

    Looks like engine air filters are ~$10-$12 on Rockauto. Agreed, they are definitely taking a payday on what is otherwise routine/inexpensive maintenance. Given the cold and snow we've had here, I'm okay letting them do the tire rotation so I don't have to! Glad I have the Ford Pass points to...
  20. 30,000 Mile Maintenance

    Just wondering if anyone's done Ford's 30,000 mile maintenance and what you thought? Took my Ranger in to the dealership this morning to investigate a clunk/rattle coming from the driver's side front and figured I'd have them do the 30k while I was there. This is the first time taking the truck...