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  1. Truck silently stalled while turning onto road in traffic!

    I had this exact thing happen to me a couple months ago, but in my case I was repositioning myself in my seat and hit the ignition with my knee and turned the key off. Scared the crap out of me. Like you, I dropped it to neutral and restarted. I got rid of my dangly key chain and no...
  2. Do ya’ll turn your AC off before turning truck off?

    I have old Stihl chainsaw and if I want to use it on Wednesday, I have to start the cranking process on Monday! Stihl now has a high end EFI chainsaw, so hopefully the tech will trickle down.
  3. Do ya’ll turn your AC off before turning truck off?

    Turning off A/C and other accessories is an old school way of thinking. Fuel injected cars of today start incredibly reliably. Going back to the 70’s and earlier, starting your carbureted car was often an anxiety inducing situation. You could flood it, or even run the battery down if...
  4. Vibration from stop to 10mph on a new 2021.

    It’s not uncommon when new, but goes away for most. Read the manual section on the adaptive transmission. I had it when new, but it gradually improved and was pretty much gone by 2500 miles, or so.
  5. Mud flapper options.

    IMO, I think the finished look of the OEM Ford flaps look the best, but you do have to drill a couple of holes for each. But you’re drilling into interior plastic, not the metal fender.
  6. Fuel in oil

    This is one of those reports that make me question the benefit of having this done at all. You’ve got lower than normal viscosity and they can only attribute it to “operational factors”. What’s that supposed to mean? They want to attribute it to fuel in the oil, but the numbers dont...
  7. FX4 shocks???

    I had the Bilstein 5100’s put on the rear of my FX4 last week and it’s a big improvement as widely reported. However, after a few days of driving, it’s obvious how soft the FX fronts are too. Not sure if I’ll put the 5100’s on the front yet, since replacing only on the rears is good...
  8. Stock vs Aftermarket Wheels

    ah, got it. I didn’t catch the offset spec. Thx
  9. Stock vs Aftermarket Wheels

    what tires are you running? It has been widely reported here that we can run 265/70’s in stock form without any rubbing.
  10. So yeah.....I got my suspension....sort of

    Exactly, here’s a picture of a package they left in my driveway instead of my covered front porch. Amazon hires people that can’t get jobs at UPS. I’ve had enough bad experience with Amazon that I’ve started shoping elsewhere where possible. Amazon isn’t cheaper than anyone else anymore...
  11. I HATE the Scab

    Just thought it was ironic given the point of OP’s thread.
  12. I HATE the Scab

    What’s a “DB”, is that an acronym for something?
  13. Ashamed!

    Agreed. I’m also in Georgia and walk through webs like that across my front door about twice a week.
  14. Hi, I'm Tom, and I'm a RangerHolic

    How are the 2’s compared to the M’s?
  15. 2021..My plans?

    I feel like I’m watching Part II, but didn’t see Part I.
  16. Installed rear Bilstein’s

    After staring at a pair of 5100’s laying on my garage floor for 3 months, I finally gave up on doing it myself and had my local shop install them today. Truck definitely feels more solid on the road, but I need more time in the seat. The truck is still bouncy when I go head first and off...
  17. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    My folks have a Hybrid Camry with CVT that I’ve driven a lot and a it works surprisingly well. Now, how a CVT would behave in a vehicle that is towing and hauling, I don’t know. But, most vehicles that will be cross shopped against the Maverick will probably have a CVT too.
  18. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    The 1500 payload is impressive though and is probably the more important stat for the buyers of this truck. It’s kind of funny though that they say the payload is equivalent to 37 bags of mulch, when it would be impossible to get 37 bags in that bed. Agree with others that this is not for...
  19. Ford Maverick Pickup Officially Revealed: $20k MSRP, 40MPG, Hybrid Standard

    Agreed, this would be a lot better than a small SUV, which are obviously very popular. Unlike most trucks, this would even be a good commuter vehicle.
  20. Ranger vs Gladiator

    As often as not, when you see a convertible or open Jeep on the road, the driver looks happy and the passengers look miserable.