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  1. Michigan Assembly Shirt

    Never thought a t-shirt would bring all the grumpy old men out. Dont you guys have some kids on your lawn to yell at or something?
  2. Bug Deflector: Yes or No?

    The textured ones that stick to the hood work way better that the clip on imo. No paint rubbing, adjusting, car wash issues, wind noise etc. Ive had mine on for about a year now and never had an issue with it. I go through a roller based car wash (yeah I know they aren't great but its a truck)...
  3. Stage 3's 2019 Ranger with 2" Level, 1.5" Wheel Spacers, and 285/70R17s

    You are correct in saying they are fine while sitting still. Dont you also have a 3 1/2” lift?
  4. Stage 3's 2019 Ranger with 2" Level, 1.5" Wheel Spacers, and 285/70R17s

    If you cant get your finger between the tire and the knuckle then what Jason posted was exactly true and Im confused why you made the post contradicting him in the first place. Thats exactly why they used a spacer to begin with and has no bearing on the C vs E tire. If you have that little...
  5. Bug Deflector: Yes or No?

    Because the deflectors, like the stick on matte AVS, dont show rock chips like the paint does. Get enough of those in the paint and the front of the truck looks awful. Also, seeing how thats an area that see’s alot of rocks, the deflector wont rust like the leading edge of the hood will.
  6. Best Restaurant You've Eaten At

    Its not a restaurant but more so a shack on the beach in Isabela Puerto Rico. Best fish tacos and mojitos Ive ever had. Every Monday they close to go fishing for the week. Its ran by an awesome couple originally from Minnesota. By far one of my favorite reasons to go down every year. Cant...
  7. Radar Detector

    Gotcha, that I can agree with. I own a radar detector but oddly enough I dont speed. I just like gadgets. But should I chose to rely on it to take my chances speeding and I get caught, I wouldnt expect to catch a break.
  8. Radar Detector

    This comment is mind boggling. If they are legal in your state, why would you “guarantee” giving a ticket just because of a legal device? Your opinion of a legal device should have absolutely no bearing on your decision to issue a ticket for any other offense besides speeding. Quite frankly...
  9. BFG KO2 C vs E load range

    Not sure if this is known or not but since its not being mentioned, I assume its not being paid attention to. Just because a Tire is a load C does NOT automatically make it lighter. For example, a user mentioned going with Falken Wildpeaks in a load C. Those are 2 lbs heavier than the KO2’s...
  10. NEW Westin Automotive Motorized Side Steps

    Exactly what Ive been waiting for. Wonder what these are gonna run for.
  11. 2.5 inch level kit what tires and rims with no cutting

    KO2’s in 275/70R17 work with no cutting.
  12. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    If anyone who gets this update, that previously had the CarPlay mic bug, could report if its fixed I'd be very grateful. Im still running the unsupported 19101.
  13. Report your MPG

    I did a bit of experimenting over the past 8 weeks and found that the only advantage premium fuel (93 octane) gave me was a more responsive engine. As far as MPG went, it made no difference at all. 4 weeks of 93 Octane: Week 1 (lots of highway) Week 2: Lots of highway Week 3: Mix Week 4...
  14. Tire Pressure -- 265/70/17 BFG KO2's

    Did not know that. Well mine are the E load, daughters are C. Ive got the 275’s and shes got the 285’s. I know the calculator I used from tireplus recommended 35psi but everyone Ive talked to kept going recommending 38.
  15. Tire Pressure -- 265/70/17 BFG KO2's

    Arent all KO2’s LT’s?
  16. Tire Pressure -- 265/70/17 BFG KO2's

    Running mine at 38 and they run perfect. In fact, every place I talked to recommended 36-40. My daughter has the 285 version and runs hers at 38 as well as recommended by the shop that installed them.
  17. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Cant forget the added horsepower also.
  18. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    My ranger would spit out its gas in disgust until I installed the damper. Since then it converts 87 octane to 93 to show its appreciation.
  19. Led Headlight bulbs

    Thats not a stock fender. On a stock one that would fit flush.
  20. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Why would it fall off? Does yours fall off?