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  1. First road trip. Very happy.

    I don't know how empty the tank was, I usually don't go below 1/4 very much. I'm a boomer so I need a stretch well before the tank goes empty.:rolleyes: Today we checked MPG once and it was right at 26 , more turns and it was a secondary highway , Pendelton Oregon to Oroville WA, not a multi...
  2. First road trip. Very happy.

    27.5 MPG, hand figured , 70-75 mph all highway driving, for a 321 mile stretch between fuel ups. 450 lbs in the back. 2 adults. Back flip hard tonneau cover. Really liking the engine transmission combo. You hardly feel it down shift and the engine is never revving fast while kicking down on...
  3. Hard Tonneau Cover Recommendations?

    What do the shims look like? I just received my MX4 and I see no shims for the clamps? Are they metal? I see the rubber shim strips for the brackets. But I see nothing that looks like they would work for the clamps? Thanks!
  4. Why did you choose a Ranger over another Truck

    I looked at Tacoma, Colorado ZR1 and Ranger XLT . I am not brand loyal. The Tacoma was not even a consideration after I sat in one . I liked the Colorado a lot but the local dealers had low incentives and not many in stock to choose from. The 302A seats helped sell me on the Ranger. A very nice...