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  1. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Thanks! I just got it so it won't stay neat and organized too much longer!! Steelwater Safes are local to me. Just across the Savannah River (about a 10 min. drive.) Put it in my 6x12 enclosed trailer. It took 5 of us to get it in the house (925lb). It is the biggest safe I could get in the...
  2. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Finally got my safe in place. Made a couple of extra shelves as it will hold documents also. The blue bins were the wife's idea. I have extra holsters in one and will put some of the mags I have on the door in one of them too. The glock mags are only for my 9MM PCC that I built (middle rifle...
  3. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I love my P365. It is my EDC. I carry SOB with the 12rd mag. most of the time. I do have an Alien Gear Cloak Mod holster I use every so often.
  4. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Ok here are the pics of my builds. My AR15 16" Rifle. She is my first build. Butt stock upgrade. Will do the pistol grip soon. The wife's 7.5" pistol. It will be shooting the CMMG 22lr bolt/mag conversion. Looking to get a dedicated 22lr upper to replace the 5.56 upper. My 10.5"...
  5. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    If you ship them to me, I will be more than happy to put them together for you! :rockon:
  6. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I am in same boat as you being a new AR owner! Welcome to the world of Adult Lego's! I have the Sig Sauer Romeo5, Sig Sauer MSR and the SightMark Mini Shot A-Spec Reflex. My SIL is a LEO and loves his Romeo5 on his "house clearing gun". You will find them on sale around $100. More...
  7. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I have all my parts and pieces I have purchased over the last year put together, even though the accessories are still coming. I now have 2 AR15 Pistols (7.5" and 10.5"), 1 AR9 pistol (7.5") and 1 AR15 Rifle (16"). Waiting on some upgrades to get here this weekend. Will post pics soon. Every...
  8. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Yeah, that's why I got it. I think I bought it in '88. It's a heavy SOB too!! LOL
  9. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    The wife's valentine present installed....SB4 brace.
  10. First trip in my new Ranger

    I have this hitch for my truck. It has a 13,000# straight line pull.
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    Thanks! I am registered with PSA and get their mailings. I have seen them at that price and waiting until they drop again. I did the notify just now. I have the Sig MSR on my rifle and may buy one while I wait until the price drops on the Vortex. It is under $120 on Amazon.
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    I have a Romeo5 going on the AR9. For the future build mentioned above, I am gonna wait and see if I can get this Vortex cheaper.
  13. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Yes they are!! I have a stripped lower just waiting for a price drop on a 7.5" side charging upper. Think I am going with an OD Green just to make it a little different.
  14. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I have a 7.5" AR9 (on the way) that I will be designating as a truck gun. Has a polymer lower for less weight. The upper is on it's way and should be here next week. The lower hasn't shipped yet. Got an Olight from my SIL for Christmas that I am putting on it when it comes in.
  15. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I finally ordered the AR9 parts for the wife. All total is $550 (excluding sights/red dot). I have a Romeo5 to put on it and the backup sights are cheap enough. Now just to purchase a couple 33rd glock mags. I got this upper with the charge handle/BCG and this complete lower with the padded...
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    Finally got around to "painting" the wifes pistol lower with the color scheme she wanted. She had left a pic of a AR9 pistol open on the I guess I am building one next! Going with a polymer lower for weight reduction.
  17. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I chose just using the buffer tube as the ATF is looking to make a pistol with a brace a SBR or AOW making them a NFA item. And I will be damned if I will become a felon or pay the $200 tax stamp right now.
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    Thanks! I am not sure with a .223 either. I will shoot it first to sight it in and give her an idea of how it feels. Then probably swap over to the .22LR conversion for her to shoot it to begin with to get used to it. Was going over the characteristics/operation of the different functions...
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    Finally put the wife's AR pistol together. Damn thing gave me a fit with the Bolt Catch roll pin. Just didn't want to get started, but I prevailed after a few choice words LOL! It is a 7.5" BCA Complete upper/Anderson Lower/LPK and Buffer tube kit from Outdoor Sports USA/Polymer Backup...
  20. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    I have finally gotten all the pieces together to assemble the wife's AR pistol. Cabela's had a sale on Romeo 5's. She told me to order one online to make sure we had one and when we went to pick up her lower receiver, we would swing by Cabela's to see if they still had some in the store. So I...