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  1. There are many builds, but this one is mine.

    Garage has been greenlit, prep and order should begin next week. Also about to order some Diode Dynamics Stage Series bars. Not much more to add than that for the time being.
  2. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Well I drove up to AmChar in McDonough, GA from my AO (250 mile round trip) to pick up my gun. I get there at 10:10AM and I am beholden a massive complex looking fortress of a gun store / distributor warehouse and I am greeting by a locked perimeter security gate. I found the reps card that...
  3. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Yup and in your blind quest to scream " ha! Gotcha! " You fail to to use God's gift of critical thinking. In your mind me traveling at 14 mph over the limit on an interstate (for which I have never cited anyone for on even a city / county road in my whole career) is the moral equivilancy of...
  4. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Haha this guy. You've committed multiple fallacies at this point. Incorrect claims, appeal to emotion, false equivilancies, and a slew of others. Boring.
  5. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Yes regular D
  6. Sweet spot for best MPG

    While in drive press the plus or minus button on your shifter and you will see your number gears show up on the gauges it will start with all of them listed up to 10 and then by hitting the minus button it takes it to nine and what this effectively tells the system is use only gears going...
  7. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Sometimes I fail to use my turn signal too. Did I mention that my tires stick a little bit past my wheel wells which is also a violation of law. On occasion my music is also probably loud enough to hear from a hundred feet away. Again a violation of the law. If you're not understanding my...
  8. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Yes, if conditions render it safe. Is that the answer you were after? /Popcorn
  9. Sweet spot for best MPG

    10-14 mph over is the bottom tier bracket that standard law enforcement can write you for. Only Georgia State patrol can write for one to nine miles per hour. If you are referring to super speeder then it's any speed 20 miles or greater over the speed limit on a minimum two-lane highway. I have...
  10. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Nope. I-20 is 70 mph in my area. Flow of traffic is generally about 80 to 85. My speed is dictated by traffic and environmental factors. Interstate only I adhere to limits on residential or city roads.
  11. Fricking dealer didn't do PDI properly...

    Anytime I have go to the dealer I specifically tell them to not clean the exterior or interior. What ticked me off is back when COVID started they would spray some sort of disinfectant all over the cabin and it basically left a white haze over everything plastic.
  12. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I'm not a fan of white letters 95% of time, but it works well for your setup. Looks good!
  13. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Eh... it has more to do with aerodynamics at this point than the motor. The price you pay to mod outside the box... or to become a box.
  14. Sweet spot for best MPG

    At least half it is while I'm at work... so I am getting paid to post!
  15. Sweet spot for best MPG

    Actually the difference between 84 mph and 70 mph in my truck is 14.5 MPG vs. 16 MPG. lol I'm not loaded by any stretch of the imagination, but in most cases I perceive time the same as money and often time > money. One of my pet peeves when someone wastes large chunks of my time. If I can...
  16. DIY dual LED Pod Fog Lights

    I had those lights too at one point. lol They are bright. (very old picture at this point, lighting setup completely changed)
  17. Sweet spot for best MPG

    I had a 240 mile round trip down I-20. 14.5 MPG @ cruise set to 84 MPH. Can I get the award for more terrible mileage when not towing a camper award?
  18. DIY dual LED Pod Fog Lights

    My only problem with this is basically every Amazon light that is labeled fog, spot, or flood - are all just flood lights. Spots just happen to have a slightly tighter beam. Have you tried turning them on at night then standing offset 100 feet away to see how badly your "fog lights" are...
  19. Shrockworks fail!!

    Jokes on them I got expelled and had to get a GED 😆
  20. Ditch light brackets bolt on

    Easy fix, get you some matching width flat "mending" brackets. then run those from the ditch bracket in the direction you want and attach your lights to the end. Just an example (come in all shapes and sizes)...