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  1. Wireless Charging Install

    Just added wireless Airplay. It also works great! Now what can i do to my Ranger?
  2. Wireless Charging Install

    Got my charger and insert Today looks and works great. Added a Scangage on console and was able to hide the wires. I need a small notch for the wire where it exits but it works fine
  3. Tailgate sliding out

    Photos posted earlier are close, too close for me to visualize where this goes. Does anyone have other photos that can help me better see where this goes? Thanks.
  4. Carvana has my truck for sale

    Just sounds like a large number of jobs.
  5. Carvana has my truck for sale

    Why would they have 400 jobs?
  6. Thank you all for your help. Just called the dealer for a price. Fingers crossed.

    Go for blue. I have it and love it. Chrome wheels really look good with it.
  7. PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan

    My dealer matched the online prices for another vehicle I own.
  8. Traded

    Did your truck have a good trade in value?
  9. PremiumCARE Extended Service Plan

    You can get the plan for much less. I wait until my vehicles are almost out of warranty and then buy. My experience is that an unused warranty refund is prorated.
  10. Hood deflector

    The aeroskin is surface mount. Seems useless to me.
  11. Boost gauges

    I have the same gauge mounted on my console.
  12. How many actually use the running boards

    Use all the time. Truck is tall. I am not.
  13. mud flaps????

    I ordered my truck with the guards.
  14. Tailgate Solution

    If your tailgate is down your backup camera will show you the ground. Simple.
  15. anyone seen aftermarket overhead/ roof console?

    I would also be interested
  16. Under Backseat Safe by Console Vault Install w/ Pics

    The company’s website says for FWD. what does that mean?
  17. Removing stick-on dealer badging

    My dealer knows me well enough to not put dealer decals or emblems on a vehicle I buy. They also know not to put a dealer plate or anything on the front. They know that if they drill any holes they will fix it.
  18. Should I buy a 2019 leftover or a used Ranger?

    I just noticed that. Sorry about that.