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  1. Anyone been having trouble with Apple CarPlay?

    Sometimes it gets wonky and I assume it's just a dodgy cable and usually things work fine when I use a newer cable. But recently all my cables stopped activating CarPlay (although my phone still gets charged, and I can still play phone audio through Sync). I tried using a friend's cable and...
  2. New Ranger Raptor Special Edition - European Preview Coming to Team Fordzilla's Twitch Show

    Rest of World? Maybe I'm assuming too much on the part of Ford, but in my case, I got it for integrated engineering. Sure, I could've modded a truck, gotten a suspension lift and new wheels and tires. But there wouldn't have been any R&D involved. Plus the wider track, coils and rear disks...
  3. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    Working day for my truck. Helped my wife out with her project. She teaches local coastal communities (which tend to be poor in the Philippines) how to upcycle their plastic waste, so they both earn from what could potentially just be trash, plus minimize plastic that otherwise gets thrown into...
  4. Post your off-road pics.

    Ha ha, I should've, but I was nervous at the time; I thought it was a pretty tough trail. Only took that shot because I was already at the easy part :)
  5. Post your off-road pics.

    Had to drive through a lot of mud to get here (you can tell from the tires). I didn't think of shooting a pic on the muddy bits, too bad. My first time taking the Ranger Raptor off road, and I was really impressed.
  6. Other pros of steel bumpers?

    Thanks for mentioning carabaos :like:, although they're pretty slow. If I'm surprised by one on the road (about the same chances as being surprised by a cow), then that would really be my fault. I've driven in other countries where wildlife just leaps onto the road though, and yeah, that'd...
  7. Other pros of steel bumpers?

    If I lived in a country where fast-moving wildlife suddenly cross the road (kangaroos, deer, emu, depends where you live), I see the point of steel bumpers. But wildlife isn't an issue where I am, so are there any other pros to having steel bumpers?
  8. Why do people like roof top tents so much?

    I don't get roof top tents either. Makes sense I guess if you're the type to just stay in one place the whole weekend, and your vehicle is almost exclusively for camping/overlanding. I like to setup camp then drive somewhere to go trailing, or get to a better fishing/swimming spot, etc. Plus I...
  9. Anyone changed their OEM Raptor wheelset?

    Just curious, why not sell the 20" OEM wheel and tire set? I'm assuming the tires on your offroad wheelset are chosen for mild offroading (17"s and ATs? Not MTs?), so it might also also be more comfortable on road than a 20" wheel with thinner sidewall tires. Why not just have the offroad...
  10. Anyone changed their OEM Raptor wheelset?

    Whoah, those steel wheels look awesome! Thanks for the advice, everyone. Based on everything said here, yeah, I think I'll just stick to the OEM wheels, as long as any damage is just surface grinding.
  11. Anyone changed their OEM Raptor wheelset?

    The spokes of the stock wheelset stick out a bit, and they can get dinged when going off road. I'm wondering if it's worth it to get a more dished wheelset. But then, if the tires stick out, it might compromise suspension articulation (tire could hit the fender in rough ground). I'd appreciate...
  12. Took my Raptor on a trail for the first time

    You're right; apparently there are more Ranger Raptors in the Philippines than any other country. I guess it's a tax thing -seems they're cheaper here than anywhere else, even Thailand, where they're made. I'm not interesting in hardcore trailing either, just wanna try stuff the truck was built...
  13. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Took an off-roading class and did some camping. It was eye opening to actually experience what my truck's capable of.
  14. Took my Raptor on a trail for the first time

    Hahaha, I'm actually curious what's the percent of buyers in the Philippines who opt for 4WD. 10% or less? Is the group you joined a Ford owners group? Maybe there's a multibrand trailing/overlanding group in CDO that's more your speed? I just assumed fewer big cities = loads of trails...
  15. Took my Raptor on a trail for the first time

    I should've taken more pics, but anyway, I took a beginners trailing class since the Raptor is basically my first "useable" 4WD vehicle (I've got an old Range Rover Classic, but that's a garage queen :blush: ). It's freaking amazing what this vehicle can do, and as the quote goes, it's great to...
  16. Ranger Raptor X

    Exactly. Especially since every light in front is LED. I'm tempted to change to aftermarket rears.
  17. Ranger Raptor X

    Damn. If there's one thing I'd like to tweak on the Raptor, it's adaptive cruise control.
  18. Anyone tuned their Ranger Raptor?

    I've seen a ton of videos on chip installs. Hopefully someone from Oz chimes in, I'm not aware of any chip distributors in my neck of the woods.