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  1. Sandman Ranger Build!

    Gotta love Tennessee! Truck with topper and goats inside. Zoom in to see.
  2. Dark side marker option.

    Installed mine today. Thoughts and pictures shared.
  3. Sandman Ranger Build!

    Had these for a while so got ready and installed. I think they will scratch easy so I ceramic coated them before install. I first found a set that said they were dynamic. Was not sure how they worked so ordered a set. Installed them last weekend but they lite up in a row as one would think...
  4. Ford's Next Ranger Raptor Will Have The Perfect Engine

    Gotcha on that one. At 56 my weight is what it was in College. Little less muscle and more body mass. Ford can add more aluminum and high strength steel as in the F150. 4,000 would be nice. I know weight helps towing and the Ranger is solid but a little less weight helps mpg and driving feel.
  5. Ford's Next Ranger Raptor Will Have The Perfect Engine

    2.7 turbo In the raptor but also lighter the Ranger and Raptor. I would take a 200lb loss. 2.3L Ranger is good. Tune it and you are 300+. Add 200lbs less weight and you now have a nimble truck. With the economy coming I think caution will be on order for auto companies. Gas going up and...
  6. Ford's Next Ranger Raptor Will Have The Perfect Engine

    3.0 seems a bit much. I see 2.7L more. 400hp small truck, they will roll it on the road. They also need VW to help program the transmission.
  7. Thin Sound When Shutting Front Doors

    Ouch. On a cold windy night it is a light lean to get out of the wind. Does not take much contact as the lower rear door is a little flexible. I don't hug it.
  8. Auto start stop / MPG ?

    In time they will take all controls away from us in a vehicle. So for now my start stop is off. My truck.
  9. Thin Sound When Shutting Front Doors

    Lean against crew cab rear door when filling up to see how thin. Carefully.
  10. Cold Air Intake Comparisons?

    Cool counts! Likely no gains but it’s red. Intakes and horse power are at their best nowadays so hard to improve unless you are stage 2 or higher. But this intake tube is low cost and well made. Better than OE intake tube and did I mention it was red. Also comes in blue or boring black.
  11. Why Does the Tacoma Dominate the Off-Road Pickup Segment?

    Set your own path! Buy a Ranger. More HP, more torque. The Ranger is a solid build.
  12. Cleaning brown off of tires

    Switched to Bridgestone’s early, and all tires brown some. Maybe Hancook is using more or a different chemical. Rubber in Japan smelled different than USA when I was fortunate to visit. I think the oil is the difference in that smell. Japan smelled like fish. Not making fun of them but it...
  13. Cleaning brown off of tires

    I may have missed it but what tire brand? Hancook? Where do you live? Salt winter area? Green Magic is a good item. We use at work a lot. The bleach cleaner should also be with a good wheel brush. I have tried a few wheel products also but hate oily ones. The latest I used is Adam’s Tire...
  14. Cleaning brown off of tires

    Agree. Last night I could not remember word bloom even though I have heard it over the years. Antiozonate is as I stated a couple forms. Oils and wax are a part of it. The wax used is also used in lip stick. Oil does bloom to surface because if you leave a tire or tire components sitting on...
  15. Cleaning brown off of tires

    Brown stuff is oil and wax in the sidewall rubber compound. designed to bleed to the surface of the tire to help protect it from UV days and other chemicals. Will keep coming back. So, you will need to keep cleaning. Soap water and brush good options.
  16. Who does your tire rotations?

    Right now dealer. Not driving as much with Covid so oil change matching rotation plus have oil plan for a while. Then I will do. Have all tools from My GTI which I run two set of tires/wheels.
  17. Finally A Nasty Complaint

    Out of my three vehicles, Ford, VW and Hyundai, Ranger warms up fastest. Frozen windshield clear when Hyundai only half way.
  18. Hidden Tailgate Damper?

    We like ours exposed. Shows off out manhood.