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  1. Neat low profile phone mount.

    I've got this one but I installed it in the right side of the screen. I really like it. I'm probably going to switch my other vehicles over to magnetic mounts.
  2. Show me your Topper!

    A.R.E. CX Revo
  3. Stage 3's 17th Birthday 17% Off Sales Event!

    I ordered some BDS UCAs and the Falcon Sport e-Tow/Haul level kit. Apparently, Teraflex hasn't released the e-Tow/Haul kit for the Ranger yet but I was told I can keep my order in but it may be a while. It was showing in-stock though. I don't mind the wait, it gives me some more time to...
  4. Picked up 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat sport!!!!

    What, no voice activated R2D2 or Star Wars pachinko machines? I own both and I noticed the prices on each went up considerably after s02e10 of Mandalorian. Seriously, awesome shop/garage. I'm in the planning phase on a detached shop garage. I hadn't even considering a downstairs area like that.
  5. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    I have the Magnaflow cat back. I'm pretty sure all of the single cat back systems use 3" tubing. My downpipe is stock so that is still 2.5". Some people on the forum are running full 3" setups with aftermarket down pipe with either high flow or no catalytic converter.
  6. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    Are they down to 2 bed tie downs as well? I'm appreciating my '19 more and more.
  7. Velossa Tech Big Mouth fitment issues

    You are correct, it doesn't fit with the Lariat grill lights without modifications. In addition to dremeling the bracket, I had to use some L-brackets I had laying around the garage. Initially I tried bending the bracket tabs backwards but ended up breaking one off. At that point I just cut...
  8. FYI -- Sound Deadening Square Footage

    The work involved for applying sound deadening is pretty easy and just like the video. you can even break up the work and just do 1 door at a time over several days if you want. The only tools that would be useful but aren't required are a plastic door panel tool and a small roller (there are...
  9. FYI -- Sound Deadening Square Footage

    LOL - I broke that LED thing on my driver's door when I did my audio upgrades to the B&O. I super glued it back together and the repair is still holding up. I'm sure it would break if I were to remove the door panel again. I used about 3/4 of a bulk pack of Dynamat Xtreme and did 1 layer of...
  10. Topper Shell

    Yes, it follows the body contours nicely and I really like the curved glass door. No issues but I haven't put too many miles on the truck since got it. I just wish it cost less and didn't take so long to arrive.
  11. Mud flaps and fender flares?

    The Air Design flares have mud flaps built into them. They are the only ones I have seen with this feature. Air Design Fender Flares
  12. Topper Shell

    My A.R.E. CX Revo finally came in. Ordered it on 9/6, showed up at my dealer on 12/11 and was installed on 12/15. I was told it would take about 7-8 weeks to get it when I placed the order and it ended up taking 14. Options are fold down front slider and driver's side slider with pet screen...
  13. Cap-Pack (Leer Locker) on SuperCrew?

    Does anyone know if the 40" Cap-Pack Sport will fit a topper on Ranger w/5' bed? It is also sold through Leer as the Leer Locker. Looks like an interesting option for some extra storage. Cap-Pack
  14. Carrying a bicycle

    I have the same rack with the optional fat bike upgrade (longer straps and wider trays). I agree 100% with BButah's assessment - Highly recommended. You do have to be careful when ordering this KUAT rack as there is a KUAT 2 NV and KUAT NV 2.0 which are different racks. Whoever works there...
  15. Proclip Phone Mount for the Ranger is Now Available!

    I have the Course Motorsports mount but put it on the right side of the screen. With the phone on there it's not blocking anything. I really like this mount.
  16. Pedders Big Brake Kit Installed

    Awesome, are these finally shipping? Their website still only has their SEMA announcement from Nov '19. I'm eyeing the brake kit for next year when I get around to my suspension. I'm running the Wilwood T6R big brake kit with 16" rotors on my Foose F150 - insanely expensive but MASSIVE...
  17. Cheap DIY Bed Lighting

    I've been researching those inexpensive LED kits after passing on the ridiculously overpriced rope lighting upcharge on the A.R.E. canopy I have on order. I actually just stumbled across your video on YouTube and noticed it was a Ranger. :thumbsup:Excellent video and level of detail. You...
  18. Velossa Tech Design Big Mouth for 2019+ Ranger

    Correct, the red aFe scoop I posted a picture of is a direct replacement for the oem tube you posted a picture of. it will work on the stock and aFe Quantum airboxes. Should also work with the Roush but don't quote me on that. It will not work on the Mishimoto airbox. I noticed aFe makes no...
  19. ARE Cx Classic

    Looks good. Hopefully the CX Revo I have on order will be done in a few weeks.