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  1. Cost to Update Computer to Larger Tire Size - What say you?

    That's kinda the reaction I got. Service Advisors all said SURE! Then they came back with the real answer of "we aren't really sure - it depends..." And if you look at the number of lifted crazy ballz trucks on their lot, I have to assume this is something they have done before. I can't be...
  2. Cost to Update Computer to Larger Tire Size - What say you?

    Hmmm... Might have to look into that. Or see of anyone in the N.Phoenix area wants to earn a bottle of whiskey / tequila.
  3. Cost to Update Computer to Larger Tire Size - What say you?

    Twice I've asked my Ford Dealer how much it would take to update my computer to recognize larger tires and re-calibrate the speedo and MPG calculations. They aren't sure but it will cost at least $280 and maybe more. Might take a full day in the shop. Da hell? How is it that they "can't be...
  4. What is this metal hose for?

    It goes to the Retro Encabulator made for Ford under contract by Rockwell Automation. Here's a video that beaks it down in easy bite sized chunks any one can understand.
  5. Is Something Wrong With Me?

    Ah! Bosozookoo! Japanese Car Culture that rebels against the conservative minimalism of Japanese Culture. Bosozookoo has nothing to do with cars and performance. All though they do like to drive them fast where they can. It has everything to do with standing out and being seen. It is...
  6. Remote start as "dog mode"?

    Except they weren't in danger. Because temps were cool and breezy and the Jeep was open all the way around with a net so they wouldn't get out. Edit to add - Ah. I see you are in Canada. It was 26.66 degrees outside.
  7. Attention All Softroaders!

    I said 6" and 8lbs not 9" and 12 lbs....
  8. Remote start as "dog mode"?

    We had a guy here with a jeep. Jeep was had a cloth top on like a bikini top. The sides were made from a net. He stopped to eat in McDonalds (dinner / late afternoon) and left two dogs in the OPEN AIR JEEP with temps in the roaring 80's and breezy. Lady goes into McDonalds and starts yelling...
  9. Attention All Softroaders!

    I still maintain the most essential off road gear is only 6 inches wide and weighs in at 8 lbs and sits between your ears. A good brain (experience and knowledge) will get you further than a locker in most cases.
  10. Carvana is paying big $$

    Good points but 100% different than what I'm talking about. I realized I said " we may have a Sub-Prime Auto Loan Bubble keeping this kind of stuff afloat." That was the royal we - the whole US we. Not the me us we. Just like in the housing bubble a decade ago we had people in homes they...
  11. Environmentalists closing trails

    Oh don't get me started on the pipeline. It would be one thing if that pipeline was carrying a petroleum product that no one wanted or needed across sacred burial grounds and fish breeding ponds. But the fact is, that petroleum is already being shipped. Killing the pipeline doesn't save the...
  12. How to install 3000W pure sine wave inverter?

    I have seen 3000W Pure Sine Waves installed in a vehicle before. But they were Semi Tractor Rigs or Big Diesel RV's. Those have a 24 volt system and usually an extra battery system. 3000W / 12v = 250 Amps 3000W / 24v = 125 Amps And those inverters are usually placed within 3 to 4 feet of the...
  13. Environmentalists closing trails

    I have no issue if they do research and bring forward facts in an attempt to get the government to regulate the trails. That usually gives everyone equal input in the process and a compromise is usually the output. Out here we have Eco-Warriors that like to spike the trails. That's where I...
  14. Get Jacked

    I just want a better handle for my bottle jack.
  15. Carvana is paying big $$

    We were doing some financial re-balancing last night. Looking to move the Range Loan to a Credit Union, so I did the thing to get my estimated value. HOLY SHEEAT! It's over a year old and has 18k on the odo. Worth more than I paid to drive it off the lot - even on the low end? What...
  16. Rotor Rant

    They have spent more time in labor, diagnosis, phone calls, and paperwork than it would have taken to eat the cost and fix it right.
  17. Anyone sleep in their truck bed with a topper?

    No but in High School and College I had a 1984 Ranger with a topper on it and I did a lot of "other stuff" in the back of that thing. Let me assure you two people fit easily back there.