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  1. Switched tremor tire and wheels

    I have the Hankook Dynapro AT2 on my FX4. The original tire was a Hankook Dynapro ATM size LT265/65R17 with C load range rating. The replacement Hankook Dynapro AT2 is size 265/70R17 with standard load rating. If you have ATM with LT and/or C load range, then it is three-peak snow rated, but...
  2. HELP! Getting mixed messages regarding wheels.

    ...I'm not trying to be an a-hole. I've just been trying to find out for certain what the actual Tremor wheel specs are. I suspect that the offset is a little more like +40mm, but it certainly could be +55mm like other Ranger factory wheel specs. I have 265/70R17 tires on stock wheels and...
  3. HELP! Getting mixed messages regarding wheels.

    How do you know that the wheel that comes on the Tremor is a +55mm offset? I have not seen that spec anywhere. They are not the same wheels as the Raptor or Ford Performance Parts wheels. There is specs that indicate that the overall track is 1 inch wider. This is because of the suspension...
  4. Tremor tire pressure

    44 PSI is too high. Lower it to the recommended pressure on the door sticker and if it rides better, you can probably go as low as 34 psi and not wear out your tires prematurely. Just run the recommended pressure when loaded.
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I got this Ford Performance decal that came with a differential cover. I put it where no one will ever see it.
  6. What did you do WITH your Ranger today?

    In Hobbs NM, This place opens at 5 am. Behind my Ranger a line has started to form for breakfast 🌯.
  7. Tailgate Ecoboost Badge

    I’m guessing he’s a Chevy fan and is disappointed with his Ford.
  8. Ridiculous Pricing

    Why don’t you check the trade-in value of your F-150? See what Carvana will buy it from you for…. Maybe at the end of the lease you can buy the truck. Then keep it or trade/sell it.
  9. Velocity Blue "Carmen"

    You need to put them back on when Carvana makes you an offer you can’t refuse. Really. That’s why mine are laying in the corner of my garage and not at the bottom of my dumpster.
  10. Velocity Blue "Carmen"

    Shocks are normal wear parts. You can replace them with any brand you want. Dealer can install and/or sell any brand they want.
  11. Bed Cover Options

    I purchased a cover from American Tonneau Company for $250. It was easy to install. When the tailgate is locked, then it blocks access. Other than the price, the reason I got it was so that I could take it off easily and have full access to the bed. It keeps people from seeing into the bed and...
  12. Neat low profile phone mount.

    I'm going to keep my hearing impairment for a little while. I find it to be convenient.
  13. Look at my Ranger parked next to stuff

    Just getting some work done.
  14. California WTB 5FT Passenger Bed Side Rail Cap/Molding

    Go find it, while there is still some light.
  15. California WTB 5FT Passenger Bed Side Rail Cap/Molding

    I think your Ranger is faster than mine.
  16. Break In Oil Change - Thoughts

    This might help. Specifically, this document:
  17. Break In Oil Change - Thoughts

    I changed my oil at 1000 miles and sent in a sample to a lab for analysis. It was full of metals like copper and aluminum. I sent in another sample at my 8000 mile oil change and all the metals were way down below the normal threshold. I drive mostly city.
  18. Upgrade to 110V Center Console?

    I think, on this particular contraption that is charging 36-48 volt battery, the 12v input is probably pulling about 6 amps or less, otherwise the battery would charge in just a few hours.
  19. Upgrade to 110V Center Console?

    Can all of this go into the bed? If so, then get a 12 volt DC power port for the bed, I use the one from Wolf Haus offroad, and leave it plugged in there.