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  1. Sync flashback

    It's fairly straight forward and the only real risk is if you try to perform a reformat and have a MY20 or later vehicle. That's where the possible brick can happen. If you have a MY19 (came with sync 3.3 or older) then reformatting to reflash it is a lot less risky. Mine is a MY20 and I have...
  2. Factory Speaker Size On a Crew Cab (non B&O)

    With the right tools so no broken clips sure. Only take about 10 min per door. Only issue is these are 100w RMS speakers and I do not think the non B&O system pushes anywhere near that much per channel. You can also look at Crutchfield. They give you all the required mounting hardware for free...
  3. Warning to push button start owners...

    Neighbor down the street got his 2019 Tacoma TRD Pro stolen overnight from the driveway about 4 months ago. No trace on where it was, even had some sort of aftermarket vehicle GPS tracking on it and nothing. Insurance adjuster told him the same thing as in the video that it was an organized...
  4. Trans temps towing Travel Trailer? 2021 Tremor

    That or just about any of the mobile apps out there Like Torque Pro (android) or Dash Command (iOS) and a wireless OBD2 adapter.
  5. FORScan - Where to start?

    Just be sure to back up the stock module settings before you make any changes. In the event something goes wrong you will need those to revert back. Without them... Well.. Good luck.
  6. Sync flashback

    You can if you use the Cynalabs Sync updater tool, but only to v3.3.19052. Just do your research before using it as you can easily brick the system if you're not careful. As for the responsiveness, it depends on the version of 3.4. Some version updates were not very well optimized and very...
  7. Passenger Seat Rattle-2019 Lariat.

    lol.. I usually forget till I hear it rattling and have to reach over and flip it back in place.
  8. Who has the 4X2 Rangers

    You should hear the dumpster fire that is the AU Mustang Mach 1 marketing and Ford's resolution for it.. You just can't help but shake your head at their rather impressive failure across the board with this one.
  9. Passenger Seat Rattle-2019 Lariat.

    I know it sounds funny, but check the seat belt buckle and make sure it's not twisted and resting against the B-pillar. I say this because without fail every single time that my wife rides in the truck and gets out she manages to flip the seat belt buckle around. This causes it to tap against...
  10. Loud pop and vibration.

    That was my first thought. Possibly a U-joint is binding up causing the drive shaft to start bouncing around. One time I had a needle bearing inside a u-joint commit seppuku and caused a nearly identical issue with the driveshaft. It also tore up the center bearing mount in the process with...
  11. Back ordered floor liners

    Keep in mind that many of the online vendors probably have the items in stock in their warehouses or go through different wholesale vendors than your dealer does. The end result is an item is listed as being on back ordered from one retailer but another may have it available for instant shipping.
  12. Driveshaft Vibration Question

    Yes it is... The only aftermarket dipstick option that's available for us currently is about $250+/-.. For that kind of money I'll crawl under the truck and do it the hard way. Don't get me wrong, it's a very well made product, but I cannot justify spending that much on a dipstick.
  13. Driveshaft Vibration Question

    Checking the tranny fluid level is a bit of a PIA. First it needs to be at operating temperature (205-215F Use a non contact temp probe to check.) and the truck needs to be level. The dipstick plug is on the passenger side towards the front about 2-3 inches away from the exhaust pipe. Be aware...
  14. Driveshaft Vibration Question

    @peterson1604 Have you tried installing shims above the center bearing and the mount? Many trucks with a two piece drive shaft are very sensitive to changes to the driveshaft angle and can cause vibrations. The AU market has been dealing with this for a while now and they have shim kits...
  15. Buzzing Sound in Engine

    Mine does this and has done it since I got it. It makes the noise when I first start out down the street in the morning. It stops by the time I pull out of the neighborhood. So I hadn't given it much thought.
  16. Weak battery already??

    Over my many years I have seen car batteries last as little as 1 month to as long as almost 10 years before shorting out. OEM batteries are usually good for at best 2-3 years before they need to be replaced. Of course this is in Houston so what we get for battery life here will be different...
  17. Is Something Wrong With Me?

    Nope. It's your truck. You can customize it as much or as little as you like. There are plenty of modifications or upgrades you can do to it that are hidden or very subtle so it retains the stock appearance. Later on down the road you can always change things up if you want.
  18. Should Ford replace or not?

    It has been my experience that most body shops tend to not do an adequate job or skip steps entirely when repainting. Namely proper surface prep, wet sanding prior to applying clear coat or glazing polish afterwards. The result is a dull finish or excessive orange peel in the paint. Looking at...
  19. Evap blocking valve stuck open

    Typically payments still have to be made while the vehicle is in for service. Now with your situation since it's already been a month and they have no estimate on when parts will be available you can try calling Ford Credit and explain the situation and see if they will grant a 3 month...