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  1. Fuel in oil

    Running the engine is what blends everything. Almost like a giant blender. I make short trips with the rare weekend trips 4hrs/250 mile one way, all interstate without driving in between there and back. Thats 500 miles of all 75mph interstate with one cooldown. So oil temps atleast 200...
  2. Fuel in oil

    Gasoline and oil mixing is hardly related to whiskey making. I suggest everyone do their own research. Im just some bloke on the internet.
  3. Fuel in oil

    If this were the case it would evaporate out just sitting there and it wont. Yes the fuel and oil mixture is more volatile. But no, it wont burn off and out. And anything that does burn off (because of the lower flash point) leaves behind a less than desirable contaminates. It isn't the...
  4. Rangers in SNOW

    Lol yes effectively turning your truck into a seesaw on the rear axle 🤣. My point is to not reduce front braking traction while trying increasing rear wheel traction.
  5. Power Seat Sucks

    @Jmckinley Hate to even say it but..... You sure you are hittin the button correctly? It slides on flat rails for forward and back, not sure how it goes up and down. Pushing the switch down feels like it goes down AND back due to the mechanism desgin. Pull whole button back and it will go...
  6. Found a place that sells individual dash kit pieces.

    I can't get past that its just a glorified sticker. Looks good in pics though.
  7. Livernois Tuning released

    That sucks man. I blame the rona. Ive never had any luck with expedited shipping, I always do the free or cheapest option now. Because expedited shipping only matters after its in the shippers hands. Handling time + your 2 day in your case. Im sure you already knew that tho.
  8. How old are you?

    Im sure the fact that this is a forum affects age pool too. The younger gen is probly on whatever new fangled social media platform is out there. Forums are old news.
  9. Fuel in oil

    Fuel wont burn off/out of diluted oil once it is fully blended. Water or moisture will boil off because it doesn't blend. This can be noticed mainly in the reduction in flash point of the oil. That one test someone posted where flash point was 285 with only 4.5% dilution has me worried...
  10. Rangers in SNOW

    Looks good, should help. Some Std keyboard warrior nitpicks here: Or something similar is what I use. If possible, Its best to center the weight over the rear axle or slightly forward. For better weight distribution other...
  11. 5th Wheel Bed Rails / Gooseneck solution

    Jayco used to be the best a while back. Now they are kind of "value brand" imo. There are better options now days. Not a camper expert but Ive been around em quite a bit, just kind of what I noticed. Some one brought up high bed sides and high box floor in the ranger, I didn't even think of...
  12. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    Was just doin a build on a 2021 f150 for fun. It really made the new ranger feel outdated. Maybe that was just me. Good thing the ranger has all the features I would need and isnt over 50 grand. But that 7.2 kw power pack and the 36 gal fuel tank on the f150 though. OOOo hubba hubba. 🥴 dios mio
  13. Remote start bad for engine?

    I see it all the time. The instant fingers are off the key, they are pullin it into drive. I swear they use their left hand to start it. :p I rode with my friend one time and she did this in her ptcruiser when it was -15f outside. It wouldnt even shift into gear and she was like "why wont it...
  14. Squeaking squealing sound above 30mph

    Driveshaft. Gotta be. Either bad joint or centerbearing. Or front driveshaft because there is not a disconnect on these trucks (i.e. its always turning). My thought process: No changes with rpm or gear selection means drivetrain. Next guess is brakes but harmonic/speed is off and you said no...
  15. 5th Wheel Bed Rails / Gooseneck solution

    NVM. 12,500 is what im seeing. Even worse. 2 jokers and a duffel bag+7500 lb trailer and your maxed.
  16. Remote start bad for engine?

    Not remote starting it and instantly driving off with it ice cold is harder on it then remote starting it before you get in. If you normally start it by hand then wait a few moments before taking off then you are better off remote starting it IMO.
  17. 5th Wheel Bed Rails / Gooseneck solution

    You have a link, or know what it is? I couldn't find it
  18. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    This is all news to me. I hope it doesn't replace the ranger. Either way im feelin a bronco in my future after they been out for couple years.
  19. 2020 XLT FX2 Squealing Belts?

    Have not noticed on mine. Didn't seem like belt squeal to me in the vid, hard to tell though. The hard rain was maybe coincidental?? Either way I hope they correct it for you.
  20. Ignition Light Ring

    PBS buttons? What about using the screen instead of the buttons? Just throwin ideas.