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  1. Highest Made In America Content: Ford Ranger (Study Shows 85% Domestic Content)

    Here's another study saying the Ranger has 85% domestic content. Nicely done Ford.:like: Ford Ranger tops 'made in America' index Ford Motor Co.'s Ranger mid-size pick-up truck is the most "made in America" vehicle in 2020 with 85% total domestic content, according to an index produced by...
  2. 2019 Ford Ranger Waiting Room - Share Your Orders Here!

    Ease up on the sales pitch man, how about sharing some info that you're privy to as a dealer instead of just plugging your dealership in all of your posts? I guarantee you will earn more business that way too.
  3. 2019 Ford Ranger Drive Tour

    Nice! Did they say what this would entail.. Hopefully more than a mere test drive ?
  4. 2019 Ranger 2.3L EcoBoost engine?

    Good thing is there should be tuning and other engine mods pretty much right out the gate for the 2.3l Ranger.
  5. 2019 Ford Ranger configuration tool and pricing [draft] live now!

    Too bad I would have been interested in the regular cab version :(
  6. 2019 Ford Ranger Officially Revealed!

    From a few articles I've read: “We made this a serious truck,” said Rick Bolt, a fitting name for the Ranger’s program engineer. “We expect best-in-class payload when we launch.” Happy to hear it's not going to just be a lifestyle truck.
  7. When will we be due for more info?

    Isn't it supposed to be a 2019? I feel like it's a bit too late for a concept if they are going on sale next year. I'd love a sneak peek tho.
  8. New Ford Ranger grille shape revealed

    From the spy photos it seems like it will still have the interior trim pieces. I hope it's changed from the current global Ranger. One of the things I hate most about the current front end are the big clunky chrome grille, middle bar and bumper which clashes and doesn't flow with the angled...
  9. 2019 / 2020 Ford Ranger price?

    Below 25k will be needed to challenge the Tacoma which has built up quite a following. I suspect Ford will use a lot of carryover parts from the T6 Ranger platform to keep it competitively priced.
  10. 2019 Ford Ranger Mule Spied in Dearborn!

    "I know Dearborn would love nothing more than to take on the Bowtie boys toe-to-toe. Also, a dealer-installed “Raptor” appearance package is offered in some overseas markets. While it’s more swagger than substance comprised mostly of fender flares, wheels and a unique grille, it clearly shows...
  11. 2019 Ranger mule in Australia

    This Aussie site posted pics of the 2019 Ranger mules in Australia and they say the design will continue to be done in Australia. I'm a little disappointed to hear that. I know the Ranger is a big hit in Oz but I want to see them move design and development back to the states. I think the...
  12. 2019 Ford Ranger Rendered with F-150 Cues

    I like it. It looks tougher without being a clone of the F150. Definitely improved over the international Ranger.