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  1. North Carolina

    I started the thread many months ago. Just a common NC nomenclature....
  2. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    Now owned by Electrolux! I just finished up a 800,000SF manufacturing plant for them back in 2018. Pretty neat facility.
  3. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    :clap::like::like: American-Made Index by The origins of consumer products are often anything but straightforward, and few get as complicated as the two-ton set of wheels in your driveway. Supply chains for the automotive industry span the...
  4. Kicker Sub Upgrade

    It doesnt rattle the windows... but it adds a nice depth of bass.
  5. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Link for those door bowl covers? Are they the same ones made for the 2012-2016?
  6. North Carolina

    Paul, Look back thru the pages on this thread. I posted a couple nice easy logging roads i like to play on. Less than a 2hr drive from CLT.
  7. Kicker Sub Upgrade

    It adds a nice punch. It's not a "rattle the windows" setup, but it made a big improvement from stock.
  8. Kicker Sub Upgrade

    The one I went with fit without modifications. It was tight with the 6.75, so we didn't bother going larger.
  9. Wheel Spacers on Stock Rims

    Check out "My Garage". I have before and after of stock wheels w/ 1.5" spacers. Before and after.
  10. Who else likes to drive their truck like they stole it

    Mine stays in S mode. Whats the point of having a fun toy if you can't play hard with it eh?
  11. How many miles do you have now?

    Broke 15K!
  12. OXFORD WHITE Ranger Club Thread

    Purchased off Amazon.
  13. North Carolina

    Lucky!!! Can we come crash at your cabin??
  14. North Carolina

    Here’s where I was trying to explore. Ended up driving all over the area. All the way to Edgemont (a beautiful town. Gravel roads in an out. 1 store). North to Gragg, East to Globe, South to Collettsville (finally back on paved road) then back down thru Lenoir and back home to CLT area...
  15. North Carolina

    Explored about 20 miles North today of my pin today. Holy moly. Beautiful area. Too busy having fun to take many pics. Found some snow!
  16. 14K Miles - Busted Lower Ball Joint

    Who knows. I’ve done some very mild off-roading. Mostly gravel roads and shallow ruts. Nothing very rocky. Im impressed with Ford on covering it. I’d have questions too. Bonus pic of my new whip!
  17. 14K Miles - Busted Lower Ball Joint

    It was hard to see under the lift. That's correct, the boot cracked.
  18. North Carolina

    I got you.'51.4%22N+81%C2%B054'58.4%22W/@35.8642733,-81.9184127,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d35.8642686!4d-81.9162244 I would guess there is prob 30-40 miles of weaving trails in the area.
  19. 14K Miles - Busted Lower Ball Joint

    Well. Had my first issue pop up on my 19' FX4. Started hearing my drivers side suspension get rather squeaky. Sure enough, the ball joint boot was cracked. Just dropped off the truck this morning for repairs. It will be covered by warranty (I was worried, have the leveling collars...