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  1. How about some Jokes

    “Mornin’ Lena, is Oly around?” “No Sven he went into town.” “Ah, he did. Y’know Lena, I have always admired your lovely bosom. Are they real? “Well ya sure you betcha, Sven!” “Tell you what I’ll do Lena. I’ll give you one hundred dollars if I can just see them.” And Sven put a crisp new $100...
  2. 5G Ranger's Hauling Things Thread

    Thanks! I just noticed something in the photo that Mrs. Motorpsychology took. the shadow ends exactly on the expansion joint in the driveway making it look part asphalt, which it is not. It is actually the same color throughout.
  3. 5G Ranger's Hauling Things Thread

    #2 reason I wanted the truck. #1 was I just wanted a Ranger 2021 Ranger STX 4X4 + 2017 Suzuki V-Strom 650
  4. How about some Jokes

    Blame it on Covid: "Things I worked on instead of working from home."
  5. How about some Jokes

    One Million?
  6. First Time Ford/Truck owner, few questions and concerns!

    We just picked ours up 5/5/21. Drove it 17 miles home, put the luggage in the Super- part of the cab and took off for the Black Hills. Drove out on US 212 thru MN and SD, all over the Black Hills, and then I-90 East at 80mph against a crosswind most of the way home. 1815 miles on it now. I...
  7. What is this metal hose for?

    Then the OP could trade it in for a new 1954 F100!
  8. How about some Jokes

    Hadn't noticed that. It would have still come across with just the "N" in "IN."
  9. How about some Jokes

    Got a match? Probably the same people that fill a 48qt Yeti cooler with ice from the motel lobby.
  10. Buying truck out of state

    Generally, factory incentives can differ from zone to zone in amount and duration. Incentives and taxes are determined by where the vehicle is ultimately registered. This discourages customers from buying out of zone, and simplifies dealer trades. When a dealer reports a vehicle sold, the dealer...
  11. Software Issue stemmed from Keyless Entry - Buyer Beware

    I think we should copyright "Chili Pepper Red" and then charge any manufacturer that wants to use it for a color name for the right$.
  12. Semiconductor Chip Shortage Could Last For Years, Says Intel CEO

    Department of Redundancy Department: Why do we need steering wheel controls, touch screen controls , voice command and physical buttons all with the same functions to operate the infotainment? Why do we need multiple My Key settings as standard equipment? I'm not going to start a poll, but I...
  13. $4.75 Upgrade.

    You can get plain ones thru Ford Accessories.
  14. Rust!

    I was just trying to say that, if it is some sort of industrial-sourced particulate on the paint, the same thing might occur on any vehicle arriving the same way to your dealer from the factory. Otherwise, used vehicles and real estate are sellers' markets right now; best of luck!
  15. Rust!

    Keep in mind, that the Bronco is built at Michigan Assembly, Wayne, MI: the same plant and same rail service to your location as the Ranger. I would have thought the dealer would have cleaned it before delivery. Could it be from the car wash? I've had something similar, where the spray wax...
  16. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    Nope. If it's on the Internet, it has to be real. Notice the sophisticated ground effects that keep the turbulence out of the wheel wells so the road dust stays completely away from the truck body. Must've spent thousands of hours in wind tunnel testing
  17. Disabling Locking Tailgate

    They grow aircraft there