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  1. Slamming my doors!

    It's the door, my 350z feels the same but with a big door and tight hinge. You push it a little hard and it slams. I've gotten use to the slight push for a good close... and passengers slamming my door. I only give my brother a hard time because he rides in my vehicles a lot.
  2. How many of you already have dings?

    Not really, I've hit it pretty good a few times and you cant really see anything till you get down and look close.
  3. How many of you already have dings?

    With about 2.5k miles, the sides have multiple scratches from pine trees on tight trails and dented skid plates. Doesn't bother me, I have a 350z I'm trying to make into my garage queen.
  4. Help! Why did this pull out?

    The bearings should slide back in when pushed inward and into the cup. You need to flatten/open up that fold on the clamp to get the boot back on and then squeeze it back to get it to stick, there's a special tool to tighten them. Or just carefully cut off that band (don't cut the boot) and...
  5. Post your off-road pics.

    I like it, got stuck in snow and gave it a try. The steering wheel moved left and right by itself while braking my front right wheel to get the left one going. It was pretty cool to watch it try different things.
  6. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    It just randomly showed up a few months after I bought the ranger.
  7. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    This is going to sound crazy but hear me out. I didnt do the most and least list, I quoted them.
  8. Ranger is the #1 Most American-Made Car

    That's for 2020, 2019 the Ranger is on the least American made 😐 "The new Ford Ranger pickup truck is built near Detroit, but its engine hails from Mexico. U.S. and Canadian parts content is only 35 percent."
  9. Best looking mid-size truck currently on the market (Vote your 2 favorite)

    I like the Tocoma look, almost bought one... till I drove it.
  10. Took a trail off Guanella Pass Colorado

    I'll have to check it out
  11. Took a trail off Guanella Pass Colorado

    Took the truck on some light off roading, first time taking it out. Shot a short video passing through a creek, seemed a lot deeper... Some parts had a decent amount of snow and wet rocks. Didn't have a issue. Wish I took more pics but didn't think about it. Video
  12. INGOT SILVER Ranger Club Thread

    I bought her in early April, love this truck.