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  1. HOODS

    Can't thing of anything more aggressive than this......
  2. Worth swapping to Tremor rear leaf springs?

    No to hijack the thread, but is there any advantage to be gained by putting on aftermarket shocks (like Fox) and using the shorter bump stops?
  3. Ford and Costco special edition Ranger

    Love their color names! "Chain washing black"???? Awesome!
  4. B&O Powered Sub Add On??

    Yes! You get it exactly! I was simply wondering if the powered sub "upgrade" would be an option for the B&O. I might try the stuffing option, but still wondering if the "add-a-sub" would work. I like the overall sound of the system, just looking for a bit more oomph! As far as the money...
  5. B&O Powered Sub Add On??

    Hey thats a good idea! Also sounds like it would be a simple fix! For the most part, I'm really happy with the sound, some days and certain songs just looking for a little "extra"! Appreciate the tip!
  6. B&O Powered Sub Add On??

    Yep. Thats what I'm wondering, if its possible to upgrade that.
  7. B&O Powered Sub Add On??

    Yes, this thread is what made me post! Unless I'm mistaken, this is talking about the base system. There are other posts on here that talk about upgrading the speakers on the base system, but some seem to mention the B&O being more different. I'm just wondering if anyone has added a powered...
  8. B&O Powered Sub Add On??

    Does anyone have any idea about if it possible (easy) to do a simple addition of a powered enclosed sub like this to the B&O sound system? It seems to me like Ive read that it is easier to add/change speakers to the base system, as opposed to the B&O. Not looking for anything crazy, just a...
  9. Please clarify a couple of basic options for me...

    I concur. The only way to get the keyless entry is the Lariat. Not offered on XL or XLT. No sliding window, I "thought" there was an old thread with someone adding a mechanical slide to open the rear window. Seemed like alot of "extra" to me though........
  10. Peragon Cover Released
  11. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    Nice trucking! I'd like to see it with a mag etic sport package.
  12. 2021 Ford Ranger Order Guide (Includes Tremor Package)

    Cactus Grey is going to look SWEET on these!!!
  13. Amber or White Fog Lights

    I like amber for snowstorms. Just my preference. (We get a lot of snow!)
  14. Adaptive Cruise Control amd Brake Lights

    Does anyone know if when the adaptive cruise control slows the vehicle down if the brake lights come on? I drive the interstate regularly, and have often wondered this. I would assume that they do. Just wondering if anyone can verify. The same question applies for the trail control, and the...
  15. What are the 3 mounts behind back seat

    Looks like LATCH system attachments for child car seats.
  16. Bronco to Ranger Features

    I think the removable top would be sweet!
  17. Carrying a bicycle

    Like your setup. With the front mount do you see anyway you could get 3 bikes in the back on the angle and close the endgate? Looks like 2 is about max. I got three in, but had to lift my bike up to raise the back wheel and pinch it with the endgate.
  18. Two Totally Useless Features As They Came From the Factory

    I can reach the slider from the driver's seat. While not ideal, it's not the big of a deal, and adds nice extra air flow.
  19. Just a pic of sex on wheels.

    Weird to see so many species of bird flying so close together. Different colors of poop probably.....