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  1. Engine Wash Advice

    From the owners manual, page 275: CLEANING THE ENGINE Engines are more efficient when they are clean because grease and dirt buildup keep the engine warmer than normal. When washing: •Take care when using a power washer to clean the engine. The high-pressure fluid could penetrate the sealed...
  2. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    Well, the USB method was painless. I did this in two phases. 1. Updated to 3.4.21020 that was downloaded from the Ford site, that went just over 25 minutes. 2. Used the Syn3 Updater from Cyanlabs to go to 2 20 maps. If you do this, be sure and update this tool with your current SYNC version...
  3. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    Thanks for that link, will try it soon, but note the conflicting directions. In the past I have left the USB in when it said to remove it, but (rhetorical question) why can't the Sync Team get this message updated?
  4. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    It's the music meta data, like the artist picture, etc.
  5. Sync 3 v3.4 Build 21020

    I did not get the *-CC.tar file. Any thoughts on what that is? '19 Lariat w/NAV. NA 119 and 3.4.20282 Thanks.
  6. Ford tune updates

    No notification, but I did set up a calendar reminder to plug the ProCal in every month and check. Gives me something to do in retirement. :)
  7. Ford tune updates

    For me, eight months now, I have had three tune updates and three update on the windows app. The last tune update was a big improvement, did not notice anything on the app. My current tune file name ends with -AAR.BIN.
  8. Ford performance tune for 2021

    Page 142 - Owners manual.
  9. Changing music tracks on USB drive with steering wheel controls

    This is the button, it doubles as the phone, do these not work?
  10. Navigation Update Process

    I actually found the update here that recognized my VIN / ESN,
  11. Tri fold covers rubber creases

    Have you looked at Extang? It folds up against the cab like a BAK FLIP, and I am super happy, this is #2 for me, last one was on a *cough* Tacoma.
  12. I'm getting my transmission rebuilt or replaced

    I absolutely loved one of the comments from the above video: 🤣
  13. Handled some hard driving very well

    Here's one from the memory banks. The parents had a new-ish '56 Chev, and it was at the dealers on a lift with transmission issues. (PowerGlide), when some young dude rambles up and says "Hey, is your daughter Mary?" "Yes" was the reply. "Man, she can do the best fish-hooks I have ever seen!"...
  14. Lets see those Cab window decals!!

    Well, close enough. 🙂
  15. Ford Performance Tune

    I had two updates recently, and on the first one, Windows Defender said it was a virus. Disabled Defender and tried again. Then, several days later, another update came along, and this one went right through. You might try uninstalling the app and download the newest version?
  16. Can Base Camp Routes be used/imported with the Ranger Lariat GPS?

    There are routing options to ignore freeways in SYNC. You may have to scroll down the page a bit to see it. I use it a lot, and really does take the back roads.
  17. Pre-Collision Assist Not Available

    Umm...42 on each tire is not good. Check the sticker on the door jamb. Most likely s/b 30. YMMV.
  18. Shifter staying in sport mode

    I like that there is a knob press detente from D to N. My long forgotten Taco could go from S to D to N just by bumping it, no knob press needed. Don't ask how many times it went from D to N on the interstate, thinking I was in S. (Sport mode on the Taco did almost nothing., so it was hard to...
  19. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    I’ll add one more data point here: 1. Was already at 3.4.20282, but had long tone on voice button. 2. 1/19/21 - Checked Ford site with my VIN, stated there was an update 3. Downloaded update, still missing CM file. 4. Used the VIN from post #206 5. Downloaded update again with above VIN. Now...