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  1. OEM

    I don't believe they are. I know for a fact the aftermarket ones are the same. The overall length of the trucks don't differ.
  2. To or no to. Aftermarket exhaust

    I don't care about the sound. I care about the reliability.
  3. To or no to. Aftermarket exhaust

    Question is, can it hurt the reliability of an engine, or can it help?
  4. To or no to. Aftermarket exhaust

    I put a damper on a month ago and my truck has been in the shop twine since then. 😂
  5. To or no to. Aftermarket exhaust

    What are the pros and cons of an aftermarket exhaust? Is it healthier for the life of the Ranger to leave the stock or better to put on a aftermarket exhaust?
  6. Other pros of steel bumpers?

    I believe it also helps with off roading situations.
  7. OEM

    That's exactly what I did. I did a muffler delete. Now I want the quiet back.
  8. OEM

    Mainly the muffler. But yes. That's what I'm looking for.
  9. OEM

    No unfortunately it wouldn't.
  10. OEM

    I was looking for one that I could just attach here at home, so this one won't work out. But thank you anyways.
  11. OEM

    It was removed from where it was clamped correct?
  12. OEM

    That's exactly what I'm looking for. Lets see how Toytec wants to coordinate this.
  13. OEM

    Just the Axle back. Basically the muffler.
  14. OEM

    No rush. I'm just getting tired of hearing the exhaust. Thank you. How much do you want for compensation?
  15. OEM

    Couldn't find anything. But thank you.
  16. OEM

    I'll be spending more money to get it. Time is money. But thank you.
  17. OEM

    I found one. Contacted them haven't gotten a reply yet. Its been a week. If you've seen more, what did you type in the search box to find them?
  18. OEM

    So does having a PIA worth a price?
  19. OEM

    I live in North Georgia. Too long of a drive. Ill pay for shipping.
  20. OEM

    Does anyone have the OEM exhaust they are willing to sell? Live in Georgia. Willing to pay for the shipping if necessary.