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  1. How about some Jokes

    Not to get too nerdy, but... This couldn't happen because the "I" in AIR should be showing since there are other "I"s on the board. Killjoy, I know. :)
  2. Rippled paint near bottom of car on both sides

    I believe it's textured like that from the front wheel-well all the way to the rear, on both sides.
  3. Help with new smart phone purchase.

    Wait! You shoot your friends that have other carriers?!?! Brutal!
  4. FordPass Siri Shortcuts

    If you run "Get FordPass Token", "FordPass Settings", or "Get Vehicle Status" on their own, do you get an error?
  5. Backing a small trailer...

    Ah, you just pointed something out that I hadn't thought about. I stand corrected. For my boat, I disconnect the wiring when backing the boat into the water. That would explain the sensor triggering while in Reverse! I haven't had to back it up anywhere else. At home, I pull straight into...
  6. Backing a small trailer...

    I believe the trailer length is only for the BLIS, not the backup sensors. But yes, I have mine set for the length of the trailer.
  7. Backing a small trailer...

    Same here. My small fishing boat (using the 4-pin) does not disable the sensor.
  8. Drove my truck today & had no issues.

    I drove my truck today, but I didn’t on Wednesday. That’s when I found out the truck bed would make a great cooler for tail-gating. 🍻
  9. Tail light lens cracked

    Sorry your lens is busted. I fixed mine using clear Gorilla Glue. See Post #9 here: You may need a syringe to get the glue in the cracks.
  10. How about some Jokes

    Her first mistake was going to Taco Bell! :LOL:

    Mine has the Borla exhaust on it...
  12. What is this? The main reason I joined is because not even the dealer knew the answer

    I was the same way when I bought my Ranger. I knew exactly the options I wanted, and found the truck online equipped with my wish list. I called the dealership and scheduled an appointment with a salesman to do a test drive. I told him this truck has what I want, and that's all I will be...
  13. Snow Chains vs. Cables?

    I've only ever used cables. A few years ago, we took my wife's 2WD Rav4 to Sequoia National Park during the Winter. With the cables on the drive wheels, we traveled on un-plowed roads with fresh snow without any issues. Edit: I've noticed in some documentation that "chains" are mentioned, but...
  14. Ford goes color blind

    My last two vehicles, a '95 Ranger and a '02 Silverado, were both white. I felt I was due for a change, so I went with HPR. :)
  15. HOT PEPPER RED Ranger Club Thread

    Yeah, HPR really turns heads. I was at a gas station once and caught a couple in a blue Ranger staring and pointing at mine. I'm pretty sure mine is the only HPR in town. Not too hard to believe considering the town's population is around 4,000!
  16. my new "Overland" video series

    Great series! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Ford Phone App

    iPhone 7, IOS 14.1. FordPass app opens and is ready for business within 8 seconds. Remote Start takes about 10 seconds to start the vehicle, after holding the Start button in the app for 3 seconds. So far, so good.
  18. Floor Jack Height recommendations

    I ended up getting this one from HF. It lifts the truck high enough to get the wheels off the ground.