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  1. How long did it take to get your FordPass Rewards Points?

    Here is what their FAQ says:

    Mine sits about 1/2 lower on the driver's side. I bought it new and I noticed there is a shim on leaf springs on that side as well. So it looks like something that was done when it was built to try to minimize the issue. It is not something that bothers me. Anyway here is a rather lengthy...
  3. First Time Ford/Truck owner, few questions and concerns!

    I think he should try to sell them to dealers. Dealer slaps the hood of a new Ranger, "If you buy this truck right now I'll throw in an ignition ring bezel !" :D
  4. First Time Ford/Truck owner, few questions and concerns!

    Just want to add that if you want one this is the place to get it. Dean 3D prints them and they work and look great. He ships them fast and they are good quality.
  5. First Time Ford/Truck owner, few questions and concerns!

    Welcome and nice Ranger. I can't answer all your questions but the shift not illuminating seems to have been a delete that happened sometime last year.
  6. Order of Operations, Compatibilities, and Brand Recs

    I've not purchased a bed cover yet. But when I had my Line-X installed I asked them to make sure all the bolt holes were left open should I need them. When it was done it looked to me they did. I think they plugged them when they sprayed in the liner and then removed the plugs. So just make...
  7. What is this metal hose for?

    I don't want to be too negative here since I try to avoid that. But it does sound like if there has already been 15k in repairs on a 30k truck, and given the pictures here, the dealer sold the OP a Ranger that got abused by someone and is a lemon. Maybe time for the OP to ask the dealer for a...
  8. What is this metal hose for?

    Well then it seems they still have some work to do given what you just showed. I actually find it odd they put that much work into it and didn't notice that janky hose. I hope it works out for you.
  9. What is this metal hose for?

    Just my thoughts, but if you bought it used from a Ford dealer I'd probably ask them to look at that. Not sure if it was a certified preowned or not though. But that looks like a mess and something I would not want. Certainly I would want it looked into if I bought it from a dealer Ford or...
  10. Resolved: MIL - Crankcase Ventilation Hose Sensor (P051B)

    So I actually put some decent miles on my truck today as opposed to very short drives I normally do. Drove an hour to my mom's house. The light was still on during the drive there. When I started it up to go home the light cleared. So I'm not going to worry about it unless it happens again...
  11. How long is your dipstick ?

    Thanks. I'm going to have it cleared and see if it happens again. I appreciate your response.
  12. Resolved: MIL - Crankcase Ventilation Hose Sensor (P051B)

    I hate to kind of bump this but anyone have more thoughts on this? I'm kind of unhappy having a check engine light show up with just over 2k miles and just under a year owned. I'm trying hard not to ping Phil in this thread and ask what he thinks. Haha I'm just a little freaked out about it...
  13. How long is your dipstick ?

    Hi I know I made a silly joke in this thread and sorry for that. I like to joke around a lot. But this caught my eye when you mentioned the crankcase. I recently got a check engine light that referenced crankcase ventilation via my Ford Pass app. "The engine control system has detected the...
  14. How long is your dipstick ?

    It depends on if I have recently been swimming or not. 😆 Edit: I didn't mean to detract from the original post. I just could not resist making the joke. :)
  15. Cute dog in a purdy truck

    Yeah that is one thing I like about the Saber color. It really does change a lot depending on sunlight. Of course it looks best in bright sun. :)
  16. Resolved: MIL - Crankcase Ventilation Hose Sensor (P051B)

    Today I ran into a guy I know that owns an auto shop. Since I don't really know what the above message meant and my local Ford dealer can't get me in until the end of the month I asked him about it. He asked me when was the last time I had an oil change. I'm due for my first one in a few...
  17. Resolved: MIL - Crankcase Ventilation Hose Sensor (P051B)

    I just got this same thing today. Stopped at the store and when I started up again I got a solid check engine light. Ford Pass gave me a message saying the same thing, "The engine control system has detected the crankcase ventilation hose sensor is reporting a signal outside of its expected...
  18. No More Painted Tailgate Handle On Lariat

    Wait... you guys got tailgate handles?? :P
  19. Thought I was buying one

    When I was shopping for my Ranger I asked the dealer if I could take it home to make sure it fit in my garage. I have a single car garage. He said sure and off I went. It fit but the long factory antenna barley cleared. That's why I removed it after purchase and got the Stubby JR. Having...
  20. Great to be back in the Ranger world

    Welcome. This forum is a plethora of information. So I think you will like it here.