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  1. Budget Tonneau

    thanks or the info i wanted a cheap inside the rail .
  2. Forward Sensing System keeps going off

    so far it has"Fixed" itself or i went throught the car wash again and that fixed it lol.but several days and start up it is always the left front sensor
  3. Forward Sensing System keeps going off

    mine has done this tree times .i would shut it off manually sometimes twice (each start up) then it would be working again.go throuht wash same thing .i learned to live with whatever it is that get frozen and wait unilit wants to work again.(i wash at least once a week even in -32 temp days as...
  4. Ranger has fresh competition...

    nice looking truck.if i was looking for a new one and the driving position was like our ranger, and the engine pulled like ours , and price right. i would for sure chek it out .I am only loyal to myself not brands.I do think it looks like tacoma maybe a bit nicer front.
  5. Poor Paint Durability

    22k here with the blue. finally noticed a small on on font of hood.
  6. How often do you check your oil?

    i was every couple thousand miles. over 20 k miles now i pretty much stopped checking it .have been at same dealer having it changed every 4k miles .they ordered center armrest at last visit.(under warrantee for coming untucked from edge.) truck is best vehicle i have ever owned!! so far so good!!
  7. Fuel in oil

    i meant to say if dealer wont help, and owners are affraid of long term .why not ask ford for free extended warranty ?its better than a buyback for them, and at those affected feel a bit better about longer term ownership .if it doesnt blow bye 100k it s good no?
  8. Fuel in oil

    Do most of you guys have Extended warrentee for peace of mind and drive it until I breaks ? I don’t have the oil / problem but would it be worth it to press ford on this? Even at a reduced price?
  9. 2019 Ranger Lariat

    xlt 4x4 here rides like a caddy...35 lbs in all four.
  10. Opinions Please

    if i found myself scratching the shit out of my truck ? then they are perfect !!!!!
  11. Love my 19 Ranger but the Lariat F150 V8 sure is enticing at these prices!

    Don’t walk around dealer lot !!! You crazy !!!!!!
  12. Back to Ranger forum, with a 2020 Roush Ranger.

    very nice .welcome back!! you didnt much liike the size of the raptor then? I dont blame you i tried a ram/chevy and 150 all HUGE!! ranger fits feels perfect for daily driver .
  13. Looking for Stock Wheels for Winter 17" Preferred

    i have all four with tires and rims silver 6 spoke(stock xlt 17 inch mint ). tps in have some mileage on them(12k ) im in ct 06484 200 bucks they yours .
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    i drove junky cars and beater bikes for years paying off a mortgage. I am a very happy with myself for having focus on things like this .your congrats is well received!! (that cycle is also paid for ) I dont make alot of money but hate someone holding a note on me. that truck looked pretty nice...
  15. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    paid it off today !!! im stoked!!
  16. Is this a good deal

    What package come with that ? Regardless I would try to get another 1000 off from dealer not ford
  17. Wife borrowed truck, found it in 4H next morning, now clicking in steering going over speed bumps...

    i would get on some dirt put it in 4x4 and drive it .then put back to 2x and see if click is still there.
  18. Can I get a better deal?

    go to bob thomas ford web site(hamden ct ) they just got a very very nice extracab in black is 301a sport blacked out very very nice .BUT its not a fx4 and they want more than your paying!! really really nice looking truck.your doing good my man. compare the two for confirmation on your price.(
  19. Can I get a better deal?

    thats not a bad price!! unless they killing you on interest rate?