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  1. Adding a switch to turn off DRL?

    With a Lariat you can go into the menu and turn off the Automatic On headlight feature to disable the DRL's.
  2. New Bronco Seems To Confirm What We Suspected

    Until I see dyno runs of a stock truck on regular and one on premium fuel, both runs without a tune, that show there is a performance gain with premium fuel alone I'll remain skeptical.
  3. New Bronco Seems To Confirm What We Suspected

    My 1980 Firebird Turbo Formula had a knock sensor which would retard the timing if knock was detected. Premium fuel was recommended and anything less would retard the timing. Thus the default factory tune was for premium fuel. If the Ranger is tuned to take advantage of premium fuel then yes...
  4. Should Ford replace or not?

    Not sure what you're worried about. Who do you think does these types of repairs on relatively new accident damaged vehicles, if not the dealer? The majority turn out just fine. Auto dealers also do pre-delivery prep work which may include cosmetic repairs.
  5. Disabling Locking Tailgate

    Yes, I was a farmer for Boeing.
  6. Disabling Locking Tailgate

    Sure did as a rookie engineer for Boeing
  7. Disabling Locking Tailgate

    They have dairy farms in Kansas? I thought they just grew wheat, and I actually lived in Wichita for a year.
  8. Looking for a straight answer...

    Unless someone has already done it you're likely going to have to test fit them yourself. As a side note, if you're looking for a straight answer you came to the wrong forum.
  9. Ford Issues Huge Recall On 2020 F250-F600's With 10R140 Transmission

    Dodge recalls transmissions too and their fixes are just plain incompetent. I had a 1995 Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbo Diesel with an automatic transmission. Truck was recalled to replace the transmission coolant line fittings which were subject to cracking. OK, recall completed. On a subsequent hot...
  10. Delay mode for backup camera will turn off

    For no apparent reason the backup camera will switch from my chosen mode of delay off to instant off. This has happened 3 or 4 time since new. I assume it is a random glitch in the software. Just today it was properly in delay mode when backing out of a parking space but it was in instant off...
  11. No More Painted Tailgate Handle On Lariat

    I was just stating a fact. I think Ford knows a lot more about marketing and selling vehicles than anyone on this forum. it's naive to post on a forum and then complain when folks have another opinion. If you don't like negative comments then don't post or don't read them, pretty simple solution.
  12. No More Painted Tailgate Handle On Lariat

    Black or unpainted tailgate handles are nothing new. I'm pretty sure it was unpainted on my blue 2006 F-350 Lariat FX4. It didn't bother me in any of the 13 years I owned it and didn't care if maybe the first year of that body design was painted or not. Be happy that's all there is to complain...
  13. Bigger tires on chrome Lariat 18’s?

    Back in the day the advantage of lower profile tires, i.e. larger rims for the same overall tire diameter, was it yielded superior on road handling and driver feel due to less tire sidewall flex. This was primarily an advantage in race cars that then filtered down to sports car enthusiasts. At...
  14. Dual exhaust

    I trimmed the aft face of mine a bit to create a suction effect when driving. I'm sure this adds 2 or 3 mpg and increases hp :like:. I then painted it black with some high temp paint. Problem solved.
  15. Dual exhaust

    To elaborate a bit, that new exhaust manifold would have to route two cylinders to one side and two to the other side to be considered a true dual exhaust system.
  16. Lets see your sport package trucks

    IDK how I missed this thread. Here's a Supercab with the black decal between the windows removed.
  17. 14, Why do we have so few?

    Looks like Rangers in the Philippines are like CJ Jeeps here, most are just trim and paint/decal packages.
  18. Any News on this ?

    Could have been a US spec test mule? There was an Aussie UTE in production, that I hoped Ford would bring stateside, that looked very much like this except I think the front had more of a S95 Mustangish look. I had a picture but I couldn't find it.
  19. Trouble installing SYNC 3.4 on my 2019 XLT

    I'm still running 3.3 as I have yet to hear a good reason to move to 3.4. I'll just have the dealer do it at my next oil change.
  20. Goodyear Kevlar

    I had the Goodyear AT Kevlar on my SRW F-350. It rarely went off road just some sand but they worked well in the snow when needed. Seemed quiet enough on the highway and lasted a long time. I bought them again for that same truck. I even drove home on one that was low on air without knowing it...