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  1. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked

    Thats what I thought at first but the Ridgeline has a 3" longer bed than the Ranger double Cab. The unibody should serve it well. I sure like the ride in the Honda. I have had the Honda for a year now!!! 1090 miles...I should think of Uber..LOL
  2. Lets see those Cab window decals!!

    SSBN 617 Alexander Hamilton was my last duty station hated boomers LOL
  3. MPG according to the ranger vs Real

    I went from the Ranger to Ridgeline (2020) Does get excellent MPGs but its an SUV with a neat bed, and tons of room floor to ceiling behind the front seat with the seats up, as far as if it's a real truck or not I'll rob a bank and let the witnesses let the police know what they...
  4. Lets see those Cab window decals!!

    I did Boomer duty...Hated it out of Scotland....Much preferred the Fast attack as a sonar tech
  5. What's your best leather care product ?

    Not any more than any vinyl coating. Probably much heartier than real leather surfaces. Expensive leather "conditioners" never touch real leather.... in most if not all of today's sub $100K vehicles.
  6. What did Santa Bring You For Your Ranger

    I bought a $50 AUKEY Works fantastic... I thought if it sucked I would donate it to Good Will.. But No need it works great!!
  7. You're Pre-Approved!

    I'm here pretty much every day reading. Since I don't have my truck anymore there's not much I can offer after a year-and-a-half of Ranger world. My brother completely abandoned this forum. I still support the Ranger and if I wanted a body-on-frame truck I would have kept the Ranger. Once I...
  8. You're Pre-Approved!

    Yeah I must have hit them at the right time They offered $36K which is about $6000 more than any dealer.
  9. Completed Full Camo Green Plasti Dip

    Nah Its South Carolina. No need for heavy clothing.
  10. Completed Full Camo Green Plasti Dip

    IMPRESSIVE!!!!! Think I'll dip my riding mower...........I ride that more than I drive the truck LOL
  11. How to prepare for winter?

    I threw up the white flag in New Jersey when I was 18 and never went back. I've lived in San Diego, Branson Missouri Las Vegas, and now Myrtle Beach
  12. How to prepare for winter?

    Move South!!! I left the snow at 18. But looking back we were new drivers driving RWD muscle cars in the snow with no ill effects.
  13. What are the most annoying TV commercials

    Any commercial with the word "virtually" in it. ITs a legal way to lie for advertisers......"This detergent will "virtually" get your whites as clean as can be" Would you board this flight??? "This fight will virtually make its destination safely."... Listen for it. It's all over the...
  14. Bed Covers

    TruXedo Lo Pro...Had them on all my trucks. Its a soft cover that rolls up when the entire bed is needed. About $450 There is a cheaper version I installed on my ridgeline (lease) Tonno Pro Loroll. I did not see the difference between the Tonneau Lo Pro by TruXedo. They both do the same thing...
  15. Additional "Software Gauges" Available?

    This is on my Ridgeline. You can set custom gauges. When I had my RAnger, I used the Boost gauge for the turbo. I have used this gauge on every truck I purchased in the last 10 years. BTW you can change the background color to match your gauges This one is showing water temp, Voltage, MPG...
  16. Additional "Software Gauges" Available?

    Take a look at the OBD port connected Scan Guage II. I have one and used it on the Ranger, use it on the Ridgeline as well. Although it has more features than needed. I usually set it to read water temp, Voltage, (boost when I had the Ranger)
  17. Any News on this ?

    No reason to apologize LOL I agree the Ridgeline is not a good looking truck, especially vs Tacoma. But being a function over form type, I made my decision between the Ranger and the RL awhile back. Carvana made the deal work with their very generous offer for my Ranger. I DO like the...
  18. Any News on this ?

    LOL Not chance....Loving the RL. smooooth and quiet. The new 2021 RL has a more aggressive front,starting%20at%20just%20over%20%2435%2C000.
  19. Weekend Warrior Pics

    Weekend warrior indeed...... No place to go with the
  20. Good bye Friends....

    Apparently they sold mine. Last time I looked there were selling it for what they paid me for it. Crazy.