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  1. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    Pretty sure you missed his point. Or maybe you were just being facetious? We don't analyze crankcase oil to avoid changing it. That is ridiculous. There is valuable information in that oil. I don't understand why those that don't believe there is a need for supplemental PCV systems have to...
  2. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    By design there is no way a catch can will restrict flow. At least not the Mishimoto can anyway. Of course the jury is out on a can helping with the carbon build up on the valves. But I know for a fact the crap I empty out of my catch can would have been routed back into the induction system...
  3. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    I believe it is. I also believe it is mostly water (condensation) in my case. But everything we empty out of that catch can would be sent back through the system. I am glad I opted for the can.
  4. Let's try to build a DIY, easy to make Auto Fold Mirror module.

    Design your own, sure, no problem. Copying someone else's is not legal or ethical. It's stealing. To save $60 bucks? Sheesh.
  5. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    We had a 24" target set at 550 yards. Piece of cake for this rig. Chambered for 5.56.
  6. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    I have very similar results. Near as I can tell it is a water, fuel, and oil mixture. My Blackstone test came back fine so I am not going to fret over it. Truck runs fine.
  7. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    Just a basic 1911 A1. Springfield Armory. I use this one for competing in SASS Wild Bunch matches. It is completely stock and extremely reliable.
  8. Deleting Ford pass app?

    That doesn't work. It's the first thing I tried. I'll wait until they fix it. Should only take them 8 or 10 months.
  9. Deleting Ford pass app?

    I deleted it this morning. It killed my battery twice yesterday. Bummer because I do use the remote start feature. But I can live without it.
  10. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    It would "Clunk" shifting to 3rd and 4th. But to varying degrees. Just did not sound or feel like the transmission was liking it. Both the 91/93 and Soft Shift tunes. Livernois did try to change things and I believe they would have worked with me no matter how long I wanted to mess with it...
  11. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    The "Soft Shift" tune was still too harsh for me. Livernois did update my stock tune to the latest tune and update my performance tunes. But the shifting was just not to my liking. Might just be my particular truck. Their customer service is great though. But not every tune is for everybody. The...
  12. Catch can in northern climates

    I am noticing more condensation in my catch can in South Kalifornikstan even!
  13. [Updated] Ranger Ford Performance Power Pack Performance Tune Software (M-9603-REB) Released!

    The FPP tune compares well to the Livernois 91/93 tune. I own both and have dyno’d both. The Livernois tune has 4 more peak wheel horsepower and 28 more lb/ft of torque. But the FPP tune has a flatter torque curve and better (smoother) shifting. Both tunes increase the maximum boost to 20/21...
  14. OEM running boards torque specs

    Actually it's go until they break then back them off a half turn.
  15. Bilstein 5100's installed. Love it

    This is next for me! Had these on my 2008 Tundra and 2011 F150 and loved them.
  16. 9 days.... it was 9 days

    I can't really tell. Need to wash the truck and post a better, clear photo.
  17. Gun Related Pictures and Chat

    This is an older photo but it is a few of my Rugers. Top is a Single Six 22, bottom is a GP100 357 Mag, with 45 Colt Blackhawk bookends.
  18. Ford ProCal will adjust speedometer for new tire sizes.

    My apologies Scott. I did not realize what thread I was in when I answered the question. You are absolutely correct and I'll pay closer attention in the future.
  19. Ford ProCal will adjust speedometer for new tire sizes.

    I have both and dyno tested both. Horsepower gains are similar with the Livernois tune coming in slightly higher on the dyno. Torque gains were better with the Livernois tune as well. I did not care for the transmission shifting hard though. The Livernois towing tune was better in that regard...
  20. Ford ProCal will adjust speedometer for new tire sizes.

    It is actually quite noticeable. I posted before and after dyno charts in the dyno thread. I got 42 at the wheel horsepower and 21 at the wheel torque increases, if memory serves. As well as much flatter torque curve that peaked at a lower RPM. Shifting remained smooth and firm so I did not...