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  1. Frio's 2021 custom order

    I pretty much did the same, when I saw the ETA(6 months) it was a no brainer, went to 3 dealerships until I found exactly what I wanted. Ironically it was at the first dealership I went to, but they didn't log it into their inventory, was hiding way back in the lot.
  2. I will keep my gas powered Ford Ranger until the wheels fall off.

    I love EVs just as much as gas vehicles but everything has their place and purpose, it's easier to bring extra gas when you know you're gonna need it, but how you supposed to bring extra batteries?...and now that I type that, I guess you could bring some charged battery powered inverters, but...
  3. Thinking about purchasing a Ranger

    If you're planning on doing suspension later down the road just get a FX4, the Tremor is nice and I like the suspension but I'm not a big fan of extra accents and graphics, and I especially don't like where they put the auxiliary switches. But to each their own I was actually debating on...
  4. Auto stop/start audio pops

    So like the title hints, everytime the truck goes into auto stop everything is fine, but once it starts back up my radio gets freakishly loud for a split second(it's like running track and field everytime I hit the breaks the ref starts the race like 💥🔫) It just started doing this recently...
  5. Disable fake engine noise

    They have a mobile app or something, maybe try that, I seen it but never tried it myself.
  6. Ford is switching to Android in 2023

    Just because you have an Android doesn't mean you have to use Google, if you're that worried. The beauty of Android is the limitless customization, once you figure out how easy it is it can be tailored to you. Sync has little to no customization, this would definitely be an upgrade.
  7. Disable fake engine noise

    Too late lol already ordered it:crazy: I don't mind the price much... I only say that not realizing there's a wireless one with a scanner for $40 more :headbang: oh well, It is what it is.
  8. Disable fake engine noise

    I'm sure I'll get hooked and play with much more settings:giggle: but I don't see any other reason I'd spend $60 for the adapter, I'm okay with everything else the way it is, it's a bonus to change the other little stuff
  9. Disable fake engine noise

    Wasn't gonna get forscan, now it's my next purchase:rockon:
  10. What has been the most useful mod you've installed? Or most useful upgrade?

    RetraxPro XR tonneau cover. I like that I can open it without having to open the tailgate, it's lockable, can load over or under tonneau, and keeps everything "relatively" dry. Also I'm still debating on the rack system I want on there (bed is too short for some of my fishing poles) options are...
  11. Rear block removal to level

    Replace leaf spring and/or shackle?
  12. Better than an F150?

    Can't compare a '50s truck to a '90s truck thats 40 years of "improved" technology. Rangers before were compact, now they're mid-size, of course it would be close to the size of a "full-size short bed single cab"
  13. Better than an F150?

    This is something a first time buyer would watch, or someone trying to justify their purchase of a Ranger over the F-150. The one and only reason I chose my Ranger over the Potential F-150 was overall size, if my driveway could fit 2 full size trucks side by side I'd have never got a Ranger🤷‍♂️
  14. What do you regret buying for your Ranger?

    $6 Aluminum valve stem caps. For some odd reason they all flew off the day I put em on.🥴
  15. Dual Battery Setups

    Thats a lot faster than I was thinking. Do you have to use a balance charger or you have the balancer built in? Those lifepo and lipo chargers can cost a pretty penny.
  16. Dual Battery Setups

    How long does it take to charge that monster? 190ah would last me a month at camp maybe even longer.
  17. Valet Key???????? Is this really, not a thing anymore?

    A spare key lock box might be your best bet, lock it on a tow hook or something and just make sure the keyfob fits inside. i prefer push buttons like these, especially when mounted in obscure locations, its easier than using dials...
  18. Best no BS bolt-on mod after a tune?

    Usually mods are done before a tune, but since you did tune first any bolt on should be fine. The easiest/simplest would probably be changing your intake filter. And from what I read, a lot of people like to use things like the pedal commander for better throttle response.
  19. More suggestions for selling factory sport wheels?

    Honestly in all my sales posts I'd say "do your research, don't waste my time or your time" sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but in the end if they ask me ANY stupid questions like "will they fit this" I just say "that information will cost extra" I just don't fk with ignorance. If...
  20. Ranger Tailgate Lettering

    Been sort of eyeing the raised letters lately, they look nice. I've had black reflective vinyls for about a year now, and the only concern I have is if I change them to raised letters does dirt/grime get into the edges? I already don't like cleaning around the ecoboost badge, will remove it...