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  1. Tire Size Fitment Master Thread

    Hey do you have front-side view? Trying to see if they poke out just a bit, which is what I want hah.
  2. Upgraded to kmc wheels and scorpion perrelis also new steps.

    Looks good, what size are those?
  3. Ignition coil failed

    Probably too early to tell... hopefully the dealer/tech can find a root cause and rectify issue. If they cant..... lol id wait awhile before taking it to the mountains.
  4. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    Interesting, so maybe it is something new. I dont purchase vehicles often, so was kind of confused why they were asking that and responding w/ "take it back there," like why should it matter where i purchased it....yall FORD right?
  5. TSB 20-2277 2019-2020 Ranger - Shudder/Vibration When Accelerating From A Stop

    Man.... this is my first Ford and i'm kind of displeased with their service dept already, also didnt have the best exp w/ their sales depts in most dealers I went too. Only positive exp were the two dealers almost 50miles away hah. In any case, i've called the two nearest dealers to me to...
  6. Hidden winch finally installed

    Ughhhhhh you are the man, this is exactly what i want to get in the future once i get more into some gnarly terrain. Having a winch definitely gives you confidence in pushing it on the trails when you're not riding in a group.
  7. Tremor Owners and Orders Lounge

    What size r those wheel locks
  8. Brakes failed!

    sorry you’re not having the best of luck with that dealership man. Hope this is the final issue you run across.
  9. Show me your low profile tonneau cover

    Awww thats why i was asking, i guess the clips on the top of the roof are for different trucks based off what i saw online. So this one doesn't fold all the way up and lean against the back window or has some type of rod that holds it in place. It only folds up partially and if you want the full...
  10. $3750 Trade-in incentive

    Time to trade in for a tremor?
  11. Brakes failed!

    No idea, I've never sued anyone or anything. But I've seen people sue for less than reasonable reasons and win.
  12. Brakes failed!

    I agree, people who don't take their jobs seriously are what's wrong w/ this country...but whatever, ill drop it, i don't feel like arguing over a forum haha. It seems like most are ok w/ breaks failing and putting their loved ones in danger.
  13. Brakes failed!

    Again, it sounds like she was almost home and wasnt going so fast in a residential area, but I could be wrong? Point is, the breaks failed after 5000km, thats 3100miles........She is lucky she didnt have to break to avoid an accident or hit some child crossing the street unexpectedly in a...
  14. Brakes failed!

    Oh, so because of their incompetence we just wait until people drive off a cliff until we care? Cool. Hopefully, this is an isolated incident and not something that becomes common because last year Ford was attempting to cut cost due to the pandemic, assuming it was a manufacturer defect.
  15. Show me your low profile tonneau cover

    Hard to tell from that angle, is it flushed from a profile/rear view? Also how easy is it to remove? I had in mind being able to remove? And lastly, where do the magnetic clips that you're supposed to attach to top of your roof go?
  16. Brakes failed!

    Considering it was life threatening..... id talk with a lawyer to see if you have a case. There are some places where you’re fk’d if your breaks fail. This shouldnt just be ignored and let go.
  17. One regret.

    I second this, led lights should be included with all. Kind of stupid its not. Its the one thing that i really regret not having. I think its a sham LED lights arent standard for any vehicle these days. Hell i feel like 20k cars have these standard.
  18. Alpha Rex headlights

    Thought the moromotos werent even out yet?