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  1. Tow package issues

    OP here is a thread that should help alot. It probably should be a stickied thread. Based on the research that was done by members of the community already you are correct. I do not know why the dealerships by you are so...
  2. Tow package issues

    Do the 2020's not come with the tow/haul mode button near the bank of buttons by the shifter anyore? Regardless I think tow/haul mode just adjusts the shift points on the transmission so it stays in the torque ranges of the gears better. If you look under the rear bumper you should see a 4 pin...
  3. I will keep my gas powered Ford Ranger until the wheels fall off.

    Oh look same old tired argument that we hear all the time.
  4. I will keep my gas powered Ford Ranger until the wheels fall off.

    At this point I am not concerned about running out of fossil fuel. I am more concerned with the future where summer weather lasts 6 or more months out of the year.
  5. 2021 ford ranger climate problems

    Next time you experience this click on the climate control button on the lcd screen and see if the vents are set to auto. They can be set to auto even if the auto button is not lit up and I have noticed that it takes longer for the cabin to heat or cool if this occurs. Press one of the blender...
  6. 2021 ford ranger climate problems

    So there are three functions. AUTO=You set a temp and the computer will run the fans and control the temp until the cab reaches that temp and then continue to adjust accordingly. It also controls the blend doors. Manual=You set a temp and fan speed and system blow that temperature air out at a...
  7. This Guy.........

    You can see it hanging from the rear view mirror.
  8. Tremor Graphics

    I really like them too especially how they look on the promo vehicle in Fords videos. In fact I think it helps distinguish them from Rangers without the package.
  9. February 2021 Ford Ranger Sales

    They are taking out 84 month loans to pay for them.
  10. Transmission Issue, When Cold (R To D)

    I also have this happen with the extreme cold we had in MN. The trans also hard shifts sometimes when its cold. I believe as others have mentioned that the trans fluid needs extra time to circulate after sitting in cold weather because this doesn't happen when its warm. For what its worth there...
  11. Transmission slip when cold

    I have had this issue as well when it gets colder and it was really slow to shift into reverse one morning when it sat in real deep cold that we have had in MN. For what its worth there is a TSB about this issue out there if you want to give it to the dealer. I tend to agree that it has to do...
  12. Anyone having issues with this site ?

    Are you techy at all? If other sites are loading fine but this site is having issues you might have corrupted cookies or file cache for the site. If you delete these it will force your browser to fetch fresh files from the server which may solve your issues.
  13. Be Careful With Winch Cables And Straps

    I think Kinetic ropes are the new preferred way to pull someone out now right? Edit Never mind Knothead beat me to it.
  14. Anyone tried this wireless Apple Car Play Adapter?

    There is some evidence on the internet to suggest that cplay2air and the Carlinkit are the same product but rebranded. Worst case you could buy Carlinkit off Amazon and if its no good return it. I have read Cplay2air customer server is a nightmare.
  15. Disable "urgent message"

    Not sure if anyone else watches TFL but they were having this issue. It might be related to Sirius Radio traffic alerts. I never saw the follow up to the issue though.
  16. Slow Coolant Leak?

    Oil with coolent in it would have a creamy chocolate look to it wouldn't it? Have you looked at it?
  17. One tailgate cable is slack when tailgate is down

    Just a shot in the dark but you may want to push on the black trim that lines the body where the door shuts. I had some passengers in the back seat and for awhile after that I noticed that the drivers side passenger door would take a bit more force to shut securely. I pushed on that trim and it...
  18. No parts available

    That really is not how the world works. Strive for as little debt as possible maybe but no credit score is silly.
  19. Re-Watch the 2021 Ranger XLT Tremor SuperCrew SEMA Build Presentation Webcast

    The The snorkal is not really to avoid getting water in the engine. Its to avoid getting dust in the engine. The idea is to lift the intake point up higher so its hard for fine dust to enter the airbox. The only way you could ford deep water is if your electronics and computer were sealed and...
  20. Living With a Ranger: 14 Months Later

    For those of you with Sync issues. I am not sure if you use the FORD app or not but you might consider updating it if you have not already to take care of some of the issues. If you dont use the Ford app (and connect your phone)and don't connect to Wifi its probably not receiving automatic updates.