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  1. Beautiful Pictures

    I forgot how bad it is there. To bad because we would've seen you on the 5 o'clock news. 🤣
  2. Beautiful Pictures

    Thanksgiving came early this year.
  3. How about some Jokes

  4. Free Shipping On Gold Eagle Products

    🤔 That might just come in handy someday. Added bonus it has UV protection! 😂
  5. Free Shipping On Gold Eagle Products

    Gold Eagle is having free shipping on all their products with no minimum order. It's a good time to grab some Graphene, Aerospace Protectant or some wash stuff. Just use code SPRING421 at checkout. Another Daves Home Shopping Network public service announcement. 🤣...
  6. Weak battery already??

    I would try and run it down as much as possible and let them replace it. I purposely left mine off the maintainer before bringing it in so it would be low. Come to find out there was a dead cell but a couple others had theirs replaced from being low. Hope they warranty yours next time as these...
  7. JDM-Inspired Widebody Ford Ranger on 35s is the Perfect Desert-Shreddable Daily Driver

    Thanks for the link, I never saw the original OP. I did a search before posting for JDM wide body Ranger but nothing came up.
  8. How about some Jokes

    British Hitch Hiker
  9. Tough Place to Join! :)

    He knows who to come to. :bandit:
  10. Tough Place to Join! :)

    Congratulations Mike! You're going to love your new Ranger and just be prepared to spend a lot of money on stuff you never knew you needed. I probably don't have to tell you the best and most important first mod to buy. 😂 😜
  11. One regret.

    CarFax only shows IF it were fixed by the dealer or mechanic. There are many (I know some personally) who have had theirs fixed by friends and or did it themself. Sorry not all leases are bad ones. My gf has been leasing a brand new Honda Civic for only $140.00/ month. It would've been only...
  12. FordPass Reward Points - How do these work?

    Like Doug I already had the app from my F150. I'm wondering if you get your points faster because if that30 days isn't that bad of a wait though because I've heard some say it took several months.
  13. FordPass Reward Points - How do these work?

    I received mine within a week.
  14. Has anyone installed these performance chips if so results.

    I found it.
  15. Has anyone installed these performance chips if so results.

    The Livernois & Unleashed tunes will take care of the lugging. Someone recently just had Torrie (Unleashed) redo their tune and IIRC it took away the lugging in the top gears.
  16. Rubber Shortage?

    You'll never know! :lipssealed:
  17. Rubber Shortage?

    Oh you should see the things that were said about you. :shock::lipssealed: ;)
  18. Rubber Shortage?

    Look out he's back! 😜 😂
  19. Has anyone installed these performance chips if so results.

    Like others have said stay away! You're better off spending your money on a tune from a reputable tuner like Livernois or Unleashed. There's enough feedback here from all of us who have theirs tuned and how well they perform. Would you really want to trust that your engine isn't going to blow up...