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  1. Alpha Rex headlights

    So I emailed them inquiring if I could get amber DRL instead of the white. Got an answer yesterday 😵 Thank you for contacting AlphaRex USA. Unfortunately we are not allowed to make any changes to our headlights since they are manufactured this way. Kind Regards, Customer Support Team...
  2. renewedcaper's 2021 Lariat Tremor Build

    I see a tailgate damper in all that. Well done! 😂
  3. Beautiful Pictures

    You shitting me? I would have every Karen within a mile radius all over me if I disturbed his mojo dance! 🥴
  4. Wifi hot spot

    Think they got a separate plan if you don’t already have service with them. I’m guessing but if I remember right it was like $25 a month
  5. Beautiful Pictures

    Had some visitors today outside my office window. Typical New England day in April. Cold, snow, rain and turkey’s!
  6. Wifi hot spot

    Yup, it’s AT&T for hotspot. If you have service already it’s an extra $10 a month to activate the truck hotspot modem
  7. How about some Jokes

  8. Free Shipping On Gold Eagle Products

    Graphene isn’t only for trucks!
  9. Rangers in SNOW

    Thought I was done for the year already. Not so fast mother nature says... 😵
  10. Lower rear of 2020 Ranger

    Haha a low rider for 4.5K for parts. Let the games begin! 🤣
  11. How to format a flash drive for the best quality of music?

    Only if Dave @AzScorpion preps your USB stick. Then who knows what tunes he might add along with a damper beat. I’m guessing “Who let the dogs out”
  12. How to format a flash drive for the best quality of music?

    Same, exfat would be my choice. The fact that Ford recommends using this format for Sync upgrades via USB says something.
  13. Has anyone installed these performance chips if so results.

    My guess is that is a crude petal performance chip. So in essence it takes your electronic gas peddle and takes the lag out
  14. 2020 Ranger 4x4 Carrier Bearing out at 9k

    My buddy has a taco that needed the frame replaced. Drove it in for inspection and they said he couldn’t take it back from that moment on. It wasn’t safe to drive. Then he asks how long for the repairs. No answers, nothing, nada, zilch, zip! Then he says well gonna need a loner then. We don’t...
  15. Tow package issues

    Think there is a difference between factory tow hitches and dealer installed ones. Factory has a different rear bumper that allows the hitch to sit up higher into the bumper. Dealer ones sit below the bumper. Some others on here might be able to clarify that more. I have a factory one so if you...
  16. How about some Jokes

    Got my vote! 👋🏼
  17. Has anyone installed these performance chips if so results.

    Take the time to practice locking out gears in drive and up shifting when needed or just go sport mode all the way and shift every gear. In a matter of weeks doing this you will find a new appreciation for the truck and much better mileage!
  18. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    I was looking into doing this awhile back. You need a Lariat visor because XLT’s does not have the ‘pocket’ to fit the homelink module into. Next there is no wiring present for this in a XLT so you have to get the wire harness and run it up the A pillar to the visor and wire it in. In the end it...
  19. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Phil, this was problematic for me as well. So, pulled the stick and wiped it down. Placed it on top of the engine and let the access tube sit for 5 minutes to allow all the oil to drain back down. Then took a reading after inserting stick. I repeat this scenario with each check. Works like a charm!