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  1. Ford logo puddle lights...

    These look brighter than the oem ones. May consider these or another led option.
  2. Lariat (broken tab) headlights using halogen case

    If they are permasealed it’s probably not worth the effort to split them as you have to bake them to get them opened.
  3. Livernois Tuning released

    I had asked the same in another thread. Was going to do it last week then forgot, went to do it the other day and price went back up.

    Yeah I know, I was surprised it was changed, oh well shouldve pulled the trigger sooner! Ill be patient and wait for a sale, looking forward to it.
  5. Ford Performance Mats

    I will eventually replace the Ford ones with weather tech. Has anyone tried the new hp liners?

    Hi Anthony, I was going to place my order today and noticed the price went back up to $600. Any chance of a sale coming up soon? @Livernois Motorsports
  7. Ranger vs Maverick Pickup: First Real World Size Comparison Look

    Despite differences of opinions looking forward to pricing this one out many times over on build and price.
  8. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Good to hear. Look forward to your video if you’re able to get it.
  9. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    How do you like the sound? I’m considering the borla version.
  10. I will keep my gas powered Ford Ranger until the wheels fall off.

    I love my ranger and I love the ecoboost engines. But I test drove a Mach e with my dad this past weekend and wow. The acceleration on that thing is really something.
  11. Chemical Guys "mr pink" car wash If you catch this on one of their 25% off sales and like $75 free shipping minimum with some wash mitts/towels or maybe a new wax...
  12. Chemical Guys "mr pink" car wash

    I tried it once when it first came out. It was fine. Nothing crazy. Truthfully over the years I’ve used many soaps and most are all the same and get the job done. Meguiars hyper wash is actually very good and economical. Have like an entire gallon as I’ve since switched to rinseless.
  13. What was your first Ford daily driver?

    Not sure if I posted this but mine was a 2002 Ford Explorer. Loved that car.
  14. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Thanks! I was torn on the steelies at first but after I got the center caps I liked the look much better.
  15. Tremor Graphics Is this it?
  16. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Gave it a quick wash yesterday.
  17. New York Swingcase Driver Side For Sale

    Should’ve specified. Hicksville NY 11801
  18. Does your spouse influence your mods?

    My fiancée keeps telling me to just order the tune already, probably because she’s tired of hearing me talk about it but overall she really doesn’t care what I do or buy for the truck. She actually enjoys driving it a lot.
  19. New York Swingcase Driver Side For Sale

    Hi all, I have a swing case for the driver side available. I received this as a gift and did not realize until I went to install it was the driver side which I already have. Local pickup definitely preferred as I can see this being a hefty price to ship but shoot me a message we can talk. I’m...