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  1. Lighting setup

    Can confirm the Baja Designs Squadron Sports are a massive upgrade. Might want to consider their SAE Fog pattern for use on the roads in the fog light location. I used to run the wide pattern in the fogs on my Focus ST, and the only reason I think i got away with that is due to how low they sit...
  2. Bilstein or Rancho?

    I'd go Bilstein personally as I don't like how Rancho products i've used in the past start to develop lots of surface rust within a few months of installing. My buddy has some bilstein's on an old durango that still look in good shape after 10 years
  3. Turbo and aftermarket exhaust

    Cat back exhaust will have no issues, you'll be fine.
  4. Turbo and aftermarket exhaust

    Exhaust sound is a very subjective thing, so if you're old school and are trying to make a 4 cylinder sound like a v8 you're in for a rough time...
  5. Turbo and aftermarket exhaust

    You only run into an issue with it running lean if you upgrade your downpipe and don't retune the vehicle. Cat back exhaust doesn't cause any issues
  6. Ranger Tremor vs. Colorado ZR2 Bison

    I've watched some ZR2 videos on youtube (since i've run through all the new ranger stuff i can find), and one thing thats concerning about the zr2 and bison is the longevity of those multimatic shocks. Seems to be a common issue for them to fail/leak after 15-20k, and for a vehicle like that...
  7. Aftermarket Class IV hitch

    Levittown Ford has the OEM one for a good price. I've been thinking about snagging this myself for a long time because I don't like how the aftermarket ones hang down so much further.
  8. Lariat Owners who have Upgraded from Stock LED Fog Lights -- Thoughts?

    I'll be upgrading my LED fogs to the Baja Designs Squadron SAE Fog kit in the next few months (currently flip flopping on clear or amber lenses). Had their Squadron Sports with the wide lens in my Focus ST fogs and they were amazing. Currently I've got them mounted in the a-pillar spot (cuz...
  9. 2021 Ranger Tremor Reviews Are Here - Articles & Videos

    Interesting how everyone is providing full reviews, and yet TFL said the embargo doesn't lift for 5 days...
  10. Boomba Racing Ford Ranger Stage 2 Catch Can Kits!

    Boomba makes a great catch can, I ran one their stage 2 can on my Focus ST for 5 years. Worked perfectly, and it was beautifully made. Really its a shame that such a nice piece of equipment has to live under the hood where you never get to see it.
  11. Idaho WTS Fox 2.0 Rear Shocks (Boise, ID)

    Have these been sold? I'm assuming so, but curious either way
  12. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    Thats funny, i also had 2 of them. Only one of them lasted long enough to get tuned. Wrecked the first one on my bday at 5am thanks to some idiots that couldn't stop in time on the freeway...
  13. Colder Spark Plug for Tuned Rangers

    So I ran colder plugs on my tuned Focus ST, and found that every year or 15k or so i'd need to replace the plugs. Not a big deal, but something to keep in mind.
  14. California Bronze Icon Vector 6 “Ranger Spec”

    Are these still available? I'll take them off your hands for the asking $550, but need shipping included at that price (Tacoma, WA). I have a lead on a reasonable shipping option if you're anxious to get them out of your hair.