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  1. Wifi hot spot

    The receiver is driven by a higher wattage than what is normally available to a standard handset I believe and allows it to both send and receive much better. Again it really helps since it works on a different network than our own phone and we can call over wifi with our system.
  2. Wifi hot spot

    I've spoken about it on here a bit. We have T-mobile and I have the hotspot with unlimited as sometimes we are in an area in the boonies with no T-mo service...but we can make calls over wifi so it works out pretty well for us.
  3. utility trailer - tire question

    So I finally got a little 5x8 general purpose trailer for hauling around my 4 wheeler. It isn't too burly (Carry on 5X8G - rated at 2000 total trailer weight - trailer weighs 325). I've already decided to install my own planks (its expanded metal). My question is this - with this trailer...
  4. What are you drinking, after you were done with your Ranger for the day?

    Oh I know I missed a few...don't wanna seem too...enthusiastic lol Buffalo Trace IS good...Evan Williams 1783 is awesome for the price...when I want something different from all that I'll pour some Papa Pilar rum...I've also bought Makers 46 and enjoyed that alot. Angels Envy is really...
  5. What are you drinking, after you were done with your Ranger for the day?

    Burboun or Tennesee Sourmash is normally whats in my glass with some ice. Jim Beam Black label, Bulleit, Uncle Nearest and Jack are my go-to daily drinks...Makers Mark, Single Barrel Jack or Garrison Brothers is the weekend libations.
  6. First tank of 93...

    Well...there is my dad worked at a Buick dealer back in the 60's - 70's and he would talk about the Wildcat 425 dual quad and the GS's....and as much as I love my Ranger I would never flex on a 455 GS Stage 1....unless I had a tune, nitrous, and a beefier diff lol
  7. Ranger vs Maverick Pickup: First Real World Size Comparison Look

    I think it will be more akin to knock-downs where they will build them to 50-70% and then complete them here. Build a plant in Texas maybe? :D
  8. Ranger vs Maverick Pickup: First Real World Size Comparison Look

    Trying to get back on topic here... the bed sides are rather like the old Honda Ridgeline. Is this going to be an aluminum body panel truck like ours or some plastics as well? I think they would be money ahead to use the 4 WD system in the Bronco Sport here.
  9. Is this engine noisy or am I just expecting too much?

    If it had the "mat" that most DI equipped cars from Europe it would probably reduce the noise alot. My wife's DI Honda has some cool whistles and such too lol D
  10. Handled some hard driving very well

    to the OP - Brother, you do what you wanna do. Sure there are some on here that will give you stink-eye for messing up a good truck. Hell I'm generally one of 'em lol. But with the responses I've seen...yeah I think some need to lighten up but also you need to work on making your skin a bit...
  11. Stuck trying to install rear shocks

    been thinking about the shock upgrade for mine...and reading this...has be puzzled...Ford says we aren't supposed to load up the frame?!? Jacking up the rear and letting the diff relax while both sides are supported on jack stands...not allowed? When and why did this start? Those frames are, I...
  12. Drop hitch question

    using a tape measure I've ordered a 5.25 drop...that should give good clearance and not a really drastic rake... it only has a 1500 lb capacity, weighs about 425 per the specs, so again I'm figuring it will be far less than 1300 with my ATV fully kitted out. I know when I drove with my ATV...
  13. Drop hitch question

    Hey just got me a small 5x8 utility trailer for my 4 wheeler. And I have just a simple straight out combo ball for my receiver. The trailer has a straight tongue as well. Naturally the trailer sits WAY HIGH becuase of this...even with the ATV on there and pushed up against the trailer front...
  14. 2019 vs 2021 Ranger cost cutting moves for Ford

    I am curious...not sure if some of our global Ranger owners are here watching this thread but I'd be curious as to the options list for the global market competitors vs Ranger? I am thinking the only two "global" truck competitors would be the Mercedes X class (rebadged Nissan Navarra) or the...
  15. 2019 vs 2021 Ranger cost cutting moves for Ford

    I thought that GMC had the Canyon Denali? It does look nice inside...but strangely enough it still doesn't have dual zone climate...only digital temp control. My biggest issue is that we don't have rear passenger vents...even though we have a full center flow through console. THAT is BS. D
  16. 2019 vs 2021 Ranger cost cutting moves for Ford

    Same here...when I got mine I saw none...then as weeks and months went by I'd see a few more here and there. NOW...two are in my neighborhood....and I might be responsible for that. :P
  17. 2019 vs 2021 Ranger cost cutting moves for Ford

    yeah my 2019 had only 4 but it worked out since I got the swing out tool box. our shop truck is a new ext cab...haven't had a chance to drive it yet. it is an xl scab and mine is a xlt screw so I wonder if that would make a noise difference as well...
  18. DGM Tailgate support

    hmm...the 2x12's sound like a sweet idea...but I'm still more angling for a trailer...just easier overall I think.