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  1. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    What the fuck, this forum is just so useless at times. You try to post things as helpful, you get chastised. You get told you don't know what you're talking about. Whatever. Seriously, there are just too many people whose entire life always to be to be on here and start arguments with people...
  2. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    OK, for the SECOND TIME: This thread is NOT about me saying "Leasing is better"; this thread is about me showing what that actual discount was from MSRP to get the lease number to be what it is. People on this forum are absolutely fearful that they "didn't get the best deal", etc. I'm simply...
  3. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    Yeah, that would be a bit much! :D
  4. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    I'm trying to figure out why the salesperson told you no way. Were you doing something obscene, like 30K miles per year or something?
  5. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    I wonder why the salesperson would have told him no way to leasing, other than his own "I want to sell this car as quickly as possible" and he was scared by the leasing thing.(?) I was going to mention to you, if you go to the Ford Build-and-Price, when you get done and go to the price per...
  6. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    Eric, what is this "reimbursement deal" that you guys are referring to?
  7. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    What I'm showing is what the net savings was from MSRP. That is the only way that we can come up with a legitimate number because if you simply work from the number that is listed, we'd all say "Dang, they're not giving a very good discount". Because Ford bumped the residual up by at least...
  8. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    And, you're entitled to feel that way. I could have gone on and on explaining to those who don't understand leasing, or my use of it, but I chose not to. I have almost no intention to purchase this vehicle outright at the end of the lease. I like new cars too much and I love the fact that I...
  9. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    Absolutely, they do. My Explorer was at 15K per year because we were still using it to drive back and forth to FL each year. Now, our motorhome pulls the Explorer (soon to be Tremor) behind it, so we don't need as many miles. What you will find is the payment usually goes up by about $25...
  10. The Lease Numbers on My New Tremor

    I lease almost all of my new vehicles and have done so since the mid-80's. The reasons are many, but they make sense for me in the way I do my vehicles and my budget. The point of this thread is NOT to be "leasing vs buying", it is to give an apples to apples case of what my Tremor actually...
  11. So, a funny thing just happened...Tremor is ordered!

    OK, so an update: Talked to my dealer today, and apparently not wanting the vehicle to be built quickly actually HELPS with the vehicle being built quickly!!! A VIN has been created and it is scheduled to be built the week of April 26! That means seven weeks from order until start of build...
  12. Disable fake engine noise

    Gotta admit, it's kinda funny that this is a video that teaches you how to turn off noise 😁😁😁!
  13. Disable fake engine noise

    I get no sound when I play your video. I played a different random video just to make sure it was playing sound on YouTube ok. Any guesses?
  14. Another Towing Question

    And, I understand and actually appreciate your point(s)! I'm not trying to come off as this infallible, "it'll never happen to me" type. I've simply had these technologies on two different vehicles from two different manufacturers and I trust in them based on my experiences. Again, it might...
  15. vin #

    This is one of the easier forums that I deal with for putting pics up. No third-party file hosting service needed! (I probably just spoke Greek to you, but your kid will explain it! :p ) Open up your picture on your computer using whatever photo program you use Right-click your picture and...
  16. Another Towing Question

    I understand, but I am a driver with 800,000 miles of driving under his belt and I've had one fender scrape that did $1100 damage to my brand new Audi (which means a scratch and a dent). The reason for that is I don't allow myself to be in those situations where I don't see what's happening...
  17. Another Towing Question

    So, if I'm understanding correctly, this is just going to give my trailer braking power for the difference in time between AEB kicking in and me actually touching the brake pedal. Once I touch the brake pedal, the accelerometers in the device itself will realize the severity of the braking...
  18. Another Towing Question

    OK. Watching the install online, it looked incredibly easy. Even I could do it! But, he never did the fifth wire that I was expecting to see. Obviously, not the "Ford" version of the brake controller, then.
  19. Another Towing Question

    So, what IS this extra module?
  20. Another Towing Question

    I'm a bit confused. I just watched the install video on the RedArc controller that @TechnicallyReal mentioned above. They only showed the four wires to connect the harness. What is the fifth wire that you are referring to?