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  1. Ford Maverick Truck Unibody Fully Leaked
  2. Adaptive Cruise control after leveling/shocks

    No adjustment needed on ACC. I have a 2.5" level lift and ACC works perfectly.
  3. New Product - Morimoto XB LED Replacement Headlights

    If they'd sell the Everest in the States, that would be my next vehicle.
  4. Mustang Mach E

    I drove one of these back in the day. Never lost a pursuit.
  5. Everything I do, I do with a hint of failure :(

    I learn a LOT from doing my own fixes, mods, repairs, etc. I learned that it's a LOT cheaper to pay someone to do it for me. I learned that it's a LOT easier on my knuckles, joints, fingers, head. I learned that I swear a LOT less. I learned that I waste a LOT less time.
  6. Matte White Decal on Oxford White

    I think white on white would look pretty cool.
  7. 2 annoying things i noticed after 1st week with new Ranger

    Exactly. The solution is simple. Wear smaller shoes.
  8. Snowmageddon in Texas

    I'll see your 65F and raise you an 82F in FL. ;) 😆:LOL:
  9. Aftermarket Projector Headlights?

    Yeah, me too.
  10. Snowmageddon in Texas

    Ooh, that's tough. Almost time to turn off the AC. It's only expected to get to 82 f here today, with some thunderstorms. I'm glad I have 4WD.
  11. Snowmageddon in Texas

    Yeah, its been a tough winter. We got the white stuff too here in Fla. Look at the waters edge at all that white stuff. Terrible.
  12. F150 vs Ranger Width

    I'm glad that there are width choices. If only there were width options on motorcycles....
  13. Darker side marker lights

    Top are the LED's, bottoms are the originals. I went with the clear lens, not the smoked.
  14. Widebody Ranger

    I agrees. It looks almost as bad as this wide body kit....
  15. 200 lb Leer Camper shell improves gas mileage !

    I've done it. Long trip. No stops, ACC on and the Gator Tonneau installed. Edit: Oh, I should add that I run high psi on TP. Usually 38. Heck, truck was delivered wirh 45 psi, and after my last dealer service, they bumped it up to 45 psi again. TP must make the biggest mpg improvement.
  16. No parts available

    3 pages of help. What more can be said? I read all kinds of "help" being offered. Some made sense, some not so much. - Call Insurance. Total truck. - Speak to Ford Customer Care - File complaint - Buy out lease - Default on payment - Get parts off assembly line Bottom line, not much can be...
  17. No parts available

    Nope, not a rumor. Just checked on Snopes.
  18. No parts available

    That's a young Phil on the left. 😆
  19. No parts available

    Thanks. So was this car. You can do some great things with spare parts. This was one of Phil's (P.A. Schilke's) first projects as a young engineer at Ford back in 1979. Awesome car Phil. Love it in the Metallic Pea Green paint. ;) :crackup: