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  1. Finally A Nasty Complaint

    Why the heck wouldn't you just turn off the car?
  2. Finally A Nasty Complaint

    You must have missed the posts of people terrified that their tailgates would be stolen.
  3. 5000 mile oil changes?

    I still say if you think Ford is wrong you're an idiot for waiting 5k miles for an oil change. You should always change the oil with every tank of gas--more is better! In fact, maybe every day is the right amount. All we know is that the manufacturer is wrong and their numbers are just made up...
  4. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    Neither is a front locker. 🥁 :like:
  5. 8492 - 2019 Ranger - Trailer Brake Controller Availability

    Except for the reports of some xl's without the tow package also missing the wires.
  6. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    They usually switch a model at a redesign, not all models at once. So I'd expect to see it in the ranger no earlier than 2023.
  7. Rear USB ports. Power only or power and data?

    I just use a cigarette lighter adapter for the passenger, which supports fast charging unlike the built-in ports
  8. Free Sync 3 Navigation Map Updates (NA 1 18)

    I didn't think map updates ever came over wifi.
  9. Ranger has fresh competition...

    Diesel engines always tend to be heavier (to stand up to the really high pressures) and if your payload isn't limited by the engine that extra weight simply cuts into your capacity. I think there's still some place for diesel in the US for a little while longer, but (IMO) in anything less than a...
  10. Ranger has fresh competition...

    Nope, it has 1510lb payload vs 1860lb on the ranger. (2x2 in both cases) You'll get more payload with the V-6 on the colorado, but still a couple hundred pounds less than the ranger. You do theoretically get 200lb more trailer tow on the diesel, but I'm skeptical of how realistic that is given...
  11. What are your thoughts on the Ranger's long-term durability?

    It's a metal box with wheels to move stuff around. I feel like some people get too emotionally invested.
  12. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    I assume sync 4 is already basically abandonware since ford announced that they're moving to Android. But I've never had a car with infotainment that was supported well in the long term so it's kind of expected. As long as Android auto/carplay keep working it luckily doesn't matter much these days.
  13. Picked up 2019 Ford Ranger Lariat sport!!!!

    Some items (like bed covers) are factory options, but installed by the dealer. Without looking at the original sticker you can't know whether various pieces were ordered that way or added after delivery. (And it doesn't really matter.)
  14. Ford Officially Releases Sync 3 v3.4 Build 20282

    What new 2021 vehicles? I haven't seen anything saying that the ranger is switching.
  15. Shrockworks Rock Sliders GROUP BUY
  16. Ranger has fresh competition...

    Correct, you'd be in one of these, right? Because size isn't a factor, only capacity.
  17. 2023?

    You can't charge a car as fast as you can put gas in it. So the model of "everybody spends a few minutes a week at the gas station" simply doesn't work for electric cars. There a lot of ways that the problem might be solved in the future, but it's not solved yet. (This is not to suggest that...