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  1. FordPass Rewards question

    I wish my experience was as easy as yours. I ended up having to visit the service department 5 times and the parts department 3 times (on top of having to wait while they found the part after I came to pick it up because the paperwork got switched around somehow). They need to figure out a...
  2. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    Thanks again for your help in this thread.
  3. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    I was planning on moving forward with the update and use Forscan to fix the climate issue. But the site says that I should have 8 to 11 files in the SyncMyRide file, but I only have five. I used 7-zip to redo the extraction and got the same thing. Does this look right?
  4. What is the best Ranger color?

    I would have been okay with anything but white. The local dealer with the best incentives did not have a ton of Rangers in inventory when I was hunting for a deal (December 2019). I was basically limited to Lightning Blue or Magnetic in the trim/options we wanted. My wife did not like the blue...
  5. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    I am curious what your build date is. Mine is 11/12/19 and I have the dreaded 8 in my code.
  6. The Ranger bug-out station. (Wall of Text Warning)

    Nice. But rather than adding pavers, why not just park the truck in the other direction? The lean will offset the slope and the truck will be perfectly level.
  7. How many Stubbys are out there?

    I ordered one a few months ago after whacking the OEM antenna in a couple of parking garages. I admittedly do not use it that much (I listen to podcasts mostly and generally use my phone or Sirius for music), but I have no complaints.
  8. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    I'm curious why they have not been able to fix the climate bug if it is such an easy fix for Forscan users. Ford knows the subset of trucks that will have this issue better than any one. This is probably a silly question, but why not push two updates to those trucks, the first changing the...
  9. Ranger crew cab big enough for family with kids?

    As far as passenger space, its basically like using a Ford Escape or Jeep Cherokee as a family vehicle. I have two teenage daughters and a 9 year old son. It works "fine" in that they all fit. But my wife's SUV has a 3rd row, so the kids still complain whenever we take my car anywhere.
  10. Tall guys, How do you like your leg room?

    Whenever my kids get in the backseat the tallest one sits right behind me. I think they coordinate it to annoy me.
  11. Tall guys, How do you like your leg room?

    I am 6'3" and have no issues. I had to get used to having the keys touching my right knee after having push start on my last vehicle, but otherwise I have no issues. This is probably the most comfortable car I have ever owned. I have a bad back and in a lot of cars I start getting sciatica...
  12. Just updated to Sync 3.4 on my Ranger 2019

    I tried to follow the thread but may have missed what the common issue was for the climate control glitch. Would you mind giving the details for the subset that would be affected? Sorry if I missed it earlier. I have been holding off on the update until that bug was fixed but will go ahead if...
  13. How many of you already have dings?

    I got caught in a hail storm about 2 miles from my house a while back. The car held up a lot better than I thought it would, but there are a couple of dings on the roof.
  14. North Carolina

    Took my son camping in Linville Falls over the weekend. There are some amazing spots up there.
  15. engine start stop

    Anyone blacked out their nightlight yet?
  16. Truck stuck at dealer.

    That sucks. I hope they get you sorted out. I had a similar issue with Jeep and a 2014 Cherokee. The head unit display had a defect (green band always across the screen). You could still read the information, but it was annoying and the car only had a couple of thousand miles on it. So I...
  17. Enough with all these little badges and logos!

    One low key debadging move was to put the pivot toolbox on the side of the bed with the line x badge. Covered it up nicely without affecting the warranty or damaging the bed.
  18. Enough with all these little badges and logos!

    That is the worst part of the aftermarket parts. I used my rewards points to get the pivot toolbox from Ford specifically because I knew it would annoy me seeing the UnderCover logo every day over the Ford one. I took the dealer logo off right away. I am still on the fence about the EcoBoost...
  19. Phone calls itself when connected to Sync 3

    When my wife calls me Sync displays my name for some reason. That is not how she is listed in my phone.