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  1. Performance tune?

    With Livernois, they say that the performance tunes, certain engine management parameters are changed that you might want in place for towing. So, stuff like torque management and catalyst temperature is set more conservatively for tow their tow tune.
  2. Blis and front sensors equipped issued

    It seems to me that the sensors pick up larger flat objects fairly well but vertical cylinders like round light posts don't do so well. I suppose those round posts were designed for stealth.
  3. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Most Shelby owners I've known would be offended if you called their car a Mach 1. More awesome to drive one. One of my friends had a 68 GT-500 KR. He let me drive it by myself once, and I loved it. It had the same 428 CJ as my Cobra other than ram air, but can say the Shelby was quicker and faster.
  4. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    Took another look at the pic. If you zoom on the shock tower, the top sticker says Shelby GT-500. So unless someone added a Shelby sticker........
  5. What did you receive in the mail today for your Ranger?

    I had a 69 Cobra that looked a lot like that. 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air. I'd guess 69 Shelby GT-500.
  6. 4H/4WD Wet Pavement Dilemma

    Didn't you guys just get some snow up there? I wouldn't think finding a place to test would be all that hard. I doubt you did any damage. I've driven short distances on dry pavement in 4wd with other vehicles for one reason or another without any problems. I wouldn't think the Ranger would be...
  7. 4H/4WD Wet Pavement Dilemma

    Actually, the inside tire and outside tire on either axle are free to rotate at different speeds due to the differential. Well, unless you have an elock and lock the rear differential. The jerking is due to the front axle being locked to the rear axle by the transfer case. In a turn, the radius...
  8. Got a surprise from my dealer today free tailgate lock bolt kit

    You guys don't understand, I'm not suggesting anyone should go out and buy a lock, only that stealing a tailgate isn't that hard. The city I live in goes through spells where stuff gets stolen and tailgates are one of the things they get. I have video of one group checking my stuff. But I...
  9. Got a surprise from my dealer today free tailgate lock bolt kit

    Well, if someone is after tailgates, I would image locking it will hardly slow them down. Consider they need to disconnect the harness. I would guess once done, plug in a handheld power supply to unlock. Or, since there's a good bit of room between the tailgate and bed, a tool could be inserted...
  10. ProCal 4 question

    You buy ProCal, connect to your computer, enter voucher, and download the computer software to your computer. Then connect ProCal to your OBDII port and read the stock tune. Connect to your computer again and start the software. It will upload to their servers. You'll then get the FPP tune. Then...
  11. Got a surprise from my dealer today free tailgate lock bolt kit

    This isn't the tailgate latch lock. That lock prevents opening the tailgate. The tailgate "bearing" that it rotates up and down on is made like a pipe with a thick flat bar in it. The pipe is part of the tailgate and has a slot in it. The flat bar is attached to the bed. If you want to remove...
  12. Any 2wd owners put in an aftermarket locket yet?

    Yes, but...... You can look at it to tell if it's a high nodular iron third member, if it is, then it's "usually" set up for 31 spline axles. 😊
  13. Texas WTB take offs

    Well, I'm not quite ready to retire and work 10 hour days. I'll need to have the tires removed from the wheels. Earliest I can get the tires removed will be Friday. So, maybe Saturday or Sunday. Could probably meet in Seguin if that suits you. Are you in a hurry?
  14. Texas WTB take offs

    Dang, you replied before I could finish editing my post. Please see above for a link to the original seller's post. There's a few pictures there. I bought the set for the wheels, so tires only. I'm south of Houston. I can meet somewhere maybe half way on the right days. Price? Haven't really...
  15. Texas WTB take offs

    You just looking for the Hankook Dynapro ATM tires? I bought a set with wheels because I wanted the extra set of wheels. Original owner said 2k miles, I tried them for ~1k miles. They're stored in my building right now waiting on me to get up off my butt to have the tires removed. Here is the...
  16. Soft/Mushy/Inconsistent Brake Fix?

    So, how do you REALLY feel about this dude.......... 🤣
  17. No parts available

    While I don't disagree with the gist of this, you don't have to carry a large amount of debt to have a high credit score.
  18. Tailgate threads popped while installing damper

    That sounds like the PEM fasteners mentioned above. They have a smaller serrated step that gets pressed into the hole from the back side. They may have used loctite to help secure the fastener but it might be something to prevent galvanic corrosion as well since you have aluminum and steel...
  19. Tailgate threads popped while installing damper

    I thought the tailgate is of aluminum making tack welding a nut to the inside impossible unless the nut is also aluminum. I would guess a steel plate with the nuts tack welded to it. You should be able to access the area after removing the access plate from the tailgate. So you might be able to...
  20. What did Santa Bring You For Your Ranger

    The literature I've seen so far says high octane fuel only. No other restrictions mentioned. Can you share your source?