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  1. How about some Jokes

    Some dated jokes that are found what is ostensibly a car forum, tfl . And ironically it had been reported that the Tiger was rushing to give Drew Brees a" driving" lesson . 10) Tiger Woods owns lots of expensive cars. Now he has a hole in one. 9) What's the difference between a car and a...
  2. How to Clean Intake Valves On Ford EcoBoost Engines with CRC GDI IVD® Intake Valve Cleaner

    I don't understand how the the turbo bearings would get washed of oil film - the bearing sits in an enclosed chamber with seals that keep the oil and water contained in the center bearing chamber, at least on turbos I've taken apart - to rebuild because over time when those seals degrade they...
  3. Hello, question regarding increase in turbo sound.

    Looks like his truck has the chrome package, so like me he may have to fight the ladies off, I'm unsure why he would need additional sound effects. I keep having to take those phone no slips out from under my wipers.
  4. V8 Rubicon priced, I'll still take my Ranger

    Jeep probably loves articles like the Motor Trend write up, attracts attention and makes those with a pile of cash want to be among the 1st to own a V8 Wrangler, guy on my street had a Grand Cherokee SRT some yrs back and then he traded it in for a newer SRT which I think had even more power ...
  5. Mustang Mach E

    Smart marketing move by Ford - geared to attract attention, get people into the showroom to check it out, maybe take a test drive. Use a widely recognized name to pique interest. Sends a signal that Ford is serious about EVs.
  6. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    Gotta maintain/fatten those healthy margins on trucks to fund the development of EVs . No engine cover needed on an electric vehicle - those motors are pretty quiet.
  7. Anyone Know What This Is?

    Enjoy it while you can, rumored to be high on the next wave of decontenting, it's a truck so a little bit of cold start NVH is healthy, removing it will be complimentary to the fan and HP pump sounds, in 3 part harmony. ;)
  8. All vehicles should have this feature and here is another I think trucks need

    if they had one originally they would had de-contented it by now anyways - someone listed the numerous items Ford has removed since US intro.
  9. All vehicles should have this feature and here is another I think trucks need

    When I rented a Chevy Colorado I left something on the back seat and when I parked it gave me chimes or some alert , thought that was a pretty dumb feature but also thought it was a pretty dumb truck.
  10. Throttle Body went out at 45K

    Well it's electric so it can fail, but usually a dependable part. But gives me the opportunity to recount when the TB failed on my SAAB - which used a more complex TB and therefore more failure prone . TB failure occurred while traveling from Denver to Buff, cruising around 55 and punched the...
  11. MPG according to the ranger vs Real

    As I understand it the crux of the argument is whether or not the Ridgeline can be considered a real "man's" truck. As an example a companion brought his Ridgeline on our annual elk hunt and was both embarrassed and emasculated by the Ridgeline's inability to handle mud packed roads with deep...
  12. What octane fuel/petrol do you use?

    If I were just 4 decades younger and had a lick of sense I would still have my 1975 850 Roadster, I loved how that bike sounded, looked and rode. Nice to see you still have yours.
  13. Blown Turbo at 53k

    Were it a choice I'd rather have a Mitsu turbo, I think they have a pretty good rep for reliability. I see Garrett went chapter 11, unfortunately I own their stock.
  14. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    Agree, and when Ford can tie sales decline to lack of features or features removed that's when they may react. Right now it's mostly all upside on the sales front. Look at the relatively healthy sales volumes for the Nissan Frontier over the yrs with Nissan not doing a whole lot from the...
  15. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    I doubt the average buyer does comparison shopping for things like number of tie downs , engine cover or that stupid pencil holder in the center console. So Ford pays someone to look for ways that will max profits without impacting sales - those decision are usually made irrespective of how...
  16. What octane fuel/petrol do you use?

    FWIW near the bottom of the page from this link there is a formula that can calculate the approx impact from altitude on the compression, I plugged in 5,000' and a 10:1 ratio and it yields an adjusted effective compression of 9:1 , the key word being effective, compression ratios are taken at...
  17. Think I Threw a Rod....

    Have to assume that Ford probably has a very good idea of what part is likely to fail under high load conditions - perhaps a connecting rod or excessive force on a bearing. Seems like most on here are wishing it turns out well for the OP and he is appreciative of that. It is pretty amazing how...
  18. Cold weather really kills mileage

    F-150 top trims levels have seat massagers
  19. What octane fuel/petrol do you use?

    more about the compression of the engine, standard non performance na motors can run 85 octane because the higher altitude effectively lowers the compression, a turbo engine compensates at higher altitude by adding boost so the octane requirement is the same as at sea level.
  20. Think I Threw a Rod....

    A pretty comprehensive article on con rods - I know many makers use the powder sinter and fracture method to make them, thought someone said Ford uses forged steel in this engine.