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  1. Pre Collision error after going thru car wash

    What are you even going on about? Help the OP or move on.
  2. Pre Collision error after going thru car wash

    Maybe water got into someplace it shouldnt be? Was it a car wash with the big scrubbers that touch your car? Maybe the scrubbers damaged the ACC radar?
  3. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    I just have incandescents installed. I think I'm getting moisture in a connection somewhere. Once it warms up a little I'm going to go through and check all connections and maybe replace the turn signal bulbs
  4. 2021 backup camera

    Mind sharing a picture of your radio? All the XL I've seen had it on the radio display. Including 2021's. EDIT: Seems like there are a couple different radios on the XL. A base radio with 100A package, Sync 3.2" with 101A and STX special edition with sync 3. I'm guessing you have the 100A radio...
  5. weld-in muffler with resonator

    It's a good plan if you're looking to add some sound on a budget. I've done the same thing on a previous vehicle with a Magnaflow muffler and it turned out great. Just find a muffler that you think sounds good and weld that bad boy in place
  6. How different do you think basic store white gloss is vs Ford OW paint?

    I haven't personally tried the Duplicolor Perfect Match but they claim this is a match for Oxford White. I've seen these in most the chain autopart stores...
  7. waze display on gauge cluster / adjust temp/fan with android auto?

    Just push the home button on the steering wheel to get back to the sync interface
  8. XLT to Lariat Headlamp Upgrade

    I've done the swap and now I occasionally get a hyper flash on the dash. The turn signals themselves appear to flash correctly. Anyone else had this after the swap? Just trying to determine if it's the Forscan, the headlights or something else
  9. What did you do to your Ranger today?

    Can you share a link? I have an extra switch spot I need to fill
  10. What travel trailer should I buy?

    Those R-pods are nice. I like that they use composite panels and the look lower and more areodynamic than most travel trailers. I'm hoping to upgrade to one ina few years.
  11. What speakers is everyone upgrading to?

    Im not sure what speakers you're looking at but the ones I was came with the ring. If you chat with them they super knowledgeable.
  12. What speakers is everyone upgrading to?

    Crutchfield is usually a couple dollars more expensive but theirs customer service and return policy are unbeatable. If you buy speakers from them they'll give you the mounting rings and wire harness for free.
  13. What speakers is everyone upgrading to?

    I'm not familiar with the stage 3 ones but I think you're talking about something like this...
  14. Scrolling ads

    I just noticed that one and this annoying overlay ad at the bottom. Also seem like the ads changer every 60 seconds or so and make everything shift. It's all annoying af. Seems like it might be time to turn on the ad blocker
  15. Emergency Flasher Location

    I've never had a problem with it and my last 5 vehicles all had it there. But I never rest my hand on the touchscreen bezel so 🤷🏻‍♂️
  16. Ranger has fresh competition...

    That 6,720# towing capacity is disappointing
  17. Android Auto Google Maps

    I use AA everyday and haven't had it go unresponsive. Have tried a different USB cable? AA is very picky with cables for some reason. I found this one works very well
  18. MAGNETIC Ranger Club Thread

    Got my new wheels installed today
  19. Aftermarket wheels gallery

    Bump. I updated my post with my new wheels. Can we get a moderator to pin this thread?
  20. Lock keys inside?

    What trim level? Lariat has intelligent access and shouldn't let you lock the keys inside.