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  1. Arizona WTS $50 OEM Ranger SuperCrew Carpet Floor Mats

    I have a set of front and rear carpet mats for the Ranger SuperCrew. I bought the tray liners this week. Truck is two months old and has 2,200 miles. Mats are in great shape, no stains or damage. Asking $50 + shipping. If in AZ I may be able to meet you.
  2. Best place to buy Extang Xceed???

    Thanks. Nice discount, but I got the tonneau directly from Extang for less.
  3. Best place to buy Extang Xceed???

    I just called and ordered the Trifecta 2.0 Signature. Price - military discount + shipping + AZ sales tax = $282.62. Woo hoo, thanks for the lead!
  4. Best place to buy Extang Xceed???

    I'll trust the Bee's word. First to fight!
  5. Carrying a bicycle

    Nice! Is this the product?
  6. Best place to buy Extang Xceed??? is a dead link now.
  7. Best place to buy Extang Xceed???

    Greg, who gives the military discount? I contacted Extang and they said they do not offer a military discount.
  8. Sync updates for Edge

    Hi all I'm looking for guidance on Sync updates for the wife's 2017 Edge Sport. The car updated via Wifi last night, and the Sync website says: Your SYNC system (SYNC3 v3.0.19205) is up to date. Shouldn't there be an available upgrade to v3.4?
  9. Built Ford Tough

    Yeah...not sure I blame Ford on this one. I blame unrealistic EPA standards that force manufacturers to cut weight anywhere they can to meet some MPG mandate. Would love to get @P. A. Schilke 's take on this from an engineering perspective.
  10. Hey you in Chandler!

    Saw an FX4 Screw in Magnetic w/ the Raptor grill this morning in my 'hood. This is south Chandler/Ocotillo area. Didn't see if it was an XLT or Lariat.
  11. Just an FYI for Tyger Auto

    Flat hat and Monster stickers. LOL I'm dying here
  12. Would the 3.5 Twin Turbo fit?

    About dang time we get a real topic on these message boards! haha
  13. Best place to buy Extang Xceed???

    There was another thread on here somewhere where OP bought directly from Extang and gave them a big thumbs up on the customer service and discount.
  14. Running tally of VIN #, order date and build date by Ranger5G member (2020 MY)

    Yeah that's what I figured. It will be torture in the meantime!
  15. Running tally of VIN #, order date and build date by Ranger5G member (2020 MY)

    It's been several weeks, and the system still does not work for me. I purchased the truck through Military Auto Source and they're reporting that the truck is built and on a railcar in transit.
  16. Where will a bone stock FX4 Ranger go?

    Outstanding topic for those of us that don't plan to modify suspension and tires.
  17. Wildtrak spotting in Bahrain

    On American Alley outside the Naval Base.
  18. What is everyone paying for their 5th Gen Ranger?

    I concur. I'd low ball them and settle for maybe 34-35 MAX. Expecially since this truck does not have the FX4 package. I just paid after discounts and rebates and everything about $40,700 for a new new (built this week) Lariat FX4 w/ 501a.
  19. Tribute to Phil

    Agreed, that'll do it. They don't necessarily need to be compiled.