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  1. DeeZee damper install question

    I experienced the same thing. I simply "trained" the cable to fold to the other side of the strongarm. It took only a couple of minutes to repeatedly fold the cable to the inside as I closed it. I did this about 8 or 10 times and it now goes that way naturally.
  2. Just picked up the Cactus Lariat with Black Appearance. This thing is sharp.

    One point about the tire pressure... In 1984 I went to the KC assembly plant on the day they built my TRX Tempo. As I watched the assembly line I saw the machine which placed the tires on the wheels. It was an enclosed structure which forced air into the tire along the bead as it lay atop the...
  3. Speed sign recognition?

    Doesn't GPS display speed limits? Mine does and warns when exceeding them. So what is the purpose of speed sign recognition?
  4. Confidence "Boost"!?

    20 months so far and flawless so far. 13000 miles, about half of which has been towing.
  5. Why does Ford not give us these?

    I kinda liked it 'til you said that! :giggle: Of course I don't think the Ranger is Ford's version of a Tacoma either, :puke:
  6. Why does Ford not give us these?

    When I could not get a new Ranger I bought a Transit Connect, It does everything well but it is still not a Ranger, So when the Ranger came back... I bought one. Love them both , but a full sized truck just wasn't gonna happen.
  7. Why does Ford not give us these?

    My post was more in response to HotRods point.
  8. Why does Ford not give us these?

    Nice trucks , but not as good as the hype, Most of their miles were behind a tow truck. In fact the Syclone made a quarter mile in 14.2 sec @ 104MPH, Not much better than a stock 2WD SuperCab Ranger. Add a tune and a set of good tires to the Ranger, and the Syclone would be blown away...
  9. Why does Ford not give us these?

    Don't forget the "Lighting" It looked great and it was a 2WD truck made for street performance for those who could actually drive on pavement and maybe turn an occasional corner. A Ranger "Thunder" would be nice. I once had a '92 4.0L 5Spd Ranger which was a sports car with a big trunk and the...
  10. Tailgate Damper

    Well, I did it! I installed the DeeZee tailgate Dampner on my Ranger today. It works as advertised. We're going on a trip with our travel trailer and my wife has to get stuff out of the truck. This thing makes it easy for her and it might prevent a dent from the tongue jack, but I think it is...
  11. What has been the most useful mod you've installed? Or most useful upgrade?

    USB ports in the top dash tray and in the console.
  12. 2 annoying things i noticed after 1st week with new Ranger

    On the first issue, try this..... Ignore it, in another two weeks you won't notice it any more. Worked for me!
  13. how do i stop rockin like a boat?

    Read the side wall for the tire maker's limits, then use good judgement for your personal needs. Ford doesn't own your truck, you do. It is common to give up a little cushy ride for better handling , if you want less "rockin' " raise your tire pressure within reasonable limits. Tires gain...
  14. Oil Catch Can. Yes or No?

    I remember when "door to door" vacuum cleaner salesmen would have you vacuum your rug with your vacuum cleaner then go over it again with theirs to show how much yours missed and all that unhealthy dirt their better vacuum cleaner could get... NO SALE!
  15. how do i stop rockin like a boat?

    Different tires, your truck is 2WD, Mine is too. Ford recommends 35PSI for mine as well (2WD)
  16. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    If I lived in a state with a regressive tax like that, I would NEVER own a vehicle less than 10 years old. IllAnnoy is a Kleptocracy as it is, but at least we don't have an annual oppressive tax on chattel property. Technically,"Sales Tax" itself is a "Retailer's Occupation Tax" and is the...
  17. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    What??? "Bickering" is half the fun!!
  18. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    Well it can't be much better... I'm in IllAnnoy. We have Chicago... you have Denver. Both of us would be in wonderful States without those tails which wag the dogs. Title is secured and ordered the day of purchase, as are the plates. The title will come in the mail from the Sec of State when...
  19. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    Some years ago I quit negotiating the arcane details on a vehicle purchase. I simply make a cash offer for an "out the door" amount. I make it clear that I don't care who gets the money as long as I get a clear title with all taxes fees paid ready to legally drive away. I once rejected a deal...
  20. Dealership miscalculated sales tax

    D Fresh said... "Tags don't come from dealerships here. They come from the State " ...