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  1. Traded my Ranger today

    I have a Generac 5500, with a switch box I installed in house, I can run well, boiler, 3 refigerators, all lights and outlets and not miss a beat. Didn't hook up range because no room, but grill works fine along with large toaster oven. Down side is so damn loud..
  2. Rangers in SNOW

    I love playing in the snow, my wife HATES it. So I go solo... I just hate the antilock brake/traction control or whatever makes that racket. Takes the fun out of it for me.
  3. Text messages on info screen

    Just un-paired, the re-paired my phone and truck. After pairing, I opened the Ranger settings on phone and allowed access to calls, contacts and messages. When I texted myself, I now have the option to hear it. Thanks...
  4. Text messages on info screen

    I will try to unpair and re-pair. I really liked the option to hear text when driving. It would have been nice two days this week when the school I teach at texted 2 hour delay and today, remote learning. Drove all the way in both days... BTW, I did the sync update and I don't like. Wish I...
  5. Text messages on info screen

    Thanks, I will look, on my Android..
  6. Text messages on info screen

    For a brief time, when I got a text message while driving, it would show up on infotainment screen. Since I'm not a texter/driver, I thought it was pretty cool, hit button and it would read aloud. It's gone again, and I'd like it back. Can anyone walk me through the steps to set it up again...
  7. Drove my truck today & had no issues.

    Someone got it...
  8. Drove my truck today & had no issues.

    yesterday... I woke up Drove downtown to look for a job then I hung out in front of the drugstore Today... I woke up Drove downtown to look for a job then I hung out in front of the drugstore Tomorrow... I woke up Drove downtown to look for a job then I hung out in front of the drugstore :o)
  9. Acquiring Satellite

    2019 Ranger and it's been happening 6 months now. Dealer said couldn't duplicate, but as soon as I drive 2 minutes, it happens. They finally "guessed" in my opinion, that it was the antenna. They felt it was a good starting point. Now waiting on part to arrive, into week 3.
  10. 2020 Shifter Lights (lack there of)

    So, 2019 Lariat has console shift lit up, but does not show what gear it's in. is this normal?
  11. Very first next-gen 2023 Ford Ranger prototype!

    Biggest update was the addition of a tailgate dampener...
  12. What was your first Ford daily driver?

    1973 Bronco, 302 .090 over, beefed up cam, headers, 3" exhaust, 3" lift, 31" tires. 3 on the tree, this was a 4 wheeling beast. Waxed on Saturday, played on Sunday, fixed on Monday. Most people had there heads stuck up Jeep's ass, while I was whupping them.
  13. Clicking noise at highway speeds

    Still haven't found the source, Tried checking under truck and securing the wiring harness, no good, tries flexing door, checking power mirrors, mud guards, all good ideas, not fixed. Good news is, it doesn't happen as often... Damn, just jinxed myself I'm sure
  14. Detailing Time

    Has anyone successfully removed highway line paint from truck? More specifically, black powder coated side bars. I've got most off the paint, had a good coat of wax, still some residue..
  15. Wheel spacers

    I have Bora's and had no issues. Do you have corrosion stopping it from bottoming out? Mine was basically brand new, slid right on.
  16. Hillbilly black exhaust tip

    I just painted from muffler back a high temp matte black. Looks great, and I have plenty left for touch ups. 7000 miles later, no need, still looks great.
  17. Brake lights

    Thanks for replies. I use cruise all the time, and sometimes "it" senses more of a danger than I would when in control. I just wanted to make sure lights lit up for someone following me when automatic brking happens. Confirmed on here that it does...
  18. Brake lights

    I know some time ago brake lights during ACC was discussed, but I don't think it was ever settled... Do the brake lights come on during any form of automatic braking?
  19. 120v outlet

    Thanks, I have a cordless but I'm drilling into concrete, so hammer drill.
  20. 120v outlet

    Has anyone used the 120v outlet for anything substantial? I am going to be working on my retirement property which has no power. I need to use a hammer drill to secure shed wall to foundation before I straighten it. Single slope, metal roof and sides. Thanks for any info.