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  1. Report your MPG

    '21 4x4 with 830 miles, driving like a regular person 98% of the time, rural driving mostly, computer says 20.3 average. I let it warm up for a couple minutes when its real cold out, but I try to be sparing with that due to break in. Don't want it to idle too long.
  2. Hello, question regarding increase in turbo sound.

    The stock intake is more or less designed to silence any and all intake noise, this is true for pretty much every vehicle of the last 30 years at least. You'll want a cold air intake, but that would likely require a tune.
  3. Maine WTB: aFe muffler delete catback

    Anybody have one that'll ship it up to maine? Thanks!
  4. Bob Rossing my tailgate

    My vote is for Oderus Urungus caressing the cuttlefish of cthulu
  5. 2 annoying things i noticed after 1st week with new Ranger

    I have size 14 feet and have no trouble, are you trying to press the pedals with your heel? Lol. My only real complaint is that the window controls are too far back on the doors armrest. I DO have long monkey arms but damn.. they could of been moved forward a touch.
  6. Will Tremor be able to fit 33's?

    What I read was the tremor was just over a half inch higher than the rest of the trucks. The internet has been wrong before though!
  7. Blur license plate?

    Just never believed the hype I suppose, creepy lol.
  8. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    I peeked at one, and the damn thing made me *facepalm* so hard I didn't have time to drop my phone and its screen got destroyed by my big nose.
  9. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    Theres a difference between an observation and a complaint 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ If the comment i left were to instead read "Jesus christ people I really can't stand all these stupid petty complaints".. then yeah, it would be a reasonable stretch to call that out as a complaint itself. Thats the...
  10. No more engine cover for the Lariat

    I'm not sure I've ever seen a thread contain so much complaining about such a first world problem before.. christ. SUCH A DIFFICULT EXISTENCE THIS IS, OMG
  11. Will Tremor be able to fit 33's?

    Id say probably not without a leveling kit, unless the crash bars have been redesigned.
  12. Regearing with larger tires?

    Rotational weight has a HUGE effect on performance.. the general rule of thumb is 3 pounds = 1hp. So another 80lb is sapping pretty well over 20hp. It would be much more noticeable on a transmission with a "normal" number of gears. The 4.7:1 first gear ratio really helps hide any loss in...
  13. 20 hour brisket I just made...

    I love brisket, unfortunately.. it doesn't sit well in my stomach. Half hour after ingestion I get mega bubbleguts. Absolutely one of the worst first world problems to have, id say.
  14. All vehicles should have this feature and here is another I think trucks need

    wait.. where's the backup camera? Hm... this is true. Hire a man servant to make sure tailgate is shut, and plentiful doobers are twisted up.
  15. For the win, best looking Ranger yet.

    Looks awesome, minus the brodozer wheel/tire fitment
  16. All vehicles should have this feature and here is another I think trucks need

    To delete the delete, quit smoking so much of that devils lettuce.. short term memory will snap right back 💯
  17. New Raptor member

    I'll gladly give up the ability to go buy a ranger raptor in exchange for avoiding all those overbearing bullshit regulations and taxes Europe likes to slap on its subordinates. Lol.
  18. All vehicles should have this feature and here is another I think trucks need

    The tailgate reminder is called "rear view mirror"
  19. Blur license plate?

    I have a maine plate that reads blmpkn, who am i?
  20. Using parts backorder issues as "buyer bargaining leverage"

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply. Never hurts to ask!